Tuesday, May 04, 2004

iPod, anyone?

Recent rumors about a new iPod ad have turned out to be right. Sorta.

The new ad, which had been speculated to feature a brand new 4th generation iPod, is now posted on Apple's website. It's cool, but it's the same ol' iPod.

But where is the 4G iPod? Well, Apple might be holding it back while it catches up on the heavily delayed iPod mini preorders. They might also be trying to drain excess stock of 3G iPods, but recent reports claim that supplies of those are already dwindling, and Apple doesn't seem to mind selling older iPods after newer ones are released (2G iPods are still available here).

A somewhat more likely possibility is that Apple simply didn't feel like it needed to release the new iPods yet. The Apple homepage is still packed with all sorts of recent announcements and releases (like iTunes 4.5, the new Powerbooks and iBooks, and Motion), so why bother adding anything else right now? It's not like iPod sales are dragging behind.

4G iPods are on the way, but Apple's not in any rush to get them out. Yet.


Apple has officially announced the centerpiece of this year's World Wide Developers Conference in June: Mac OS X 10.4, "Tiger."

On top of that, it's now confirmed that Steve Jobs himself will be giving the keynote speech (although that's no surprise).

There's been little speculation about new features for Tiger, but we're still waiting on the "Home on iPod" feature that never made it into Panther.

Of course, the most important question is will Apple return to faux fur?