Saturday, January 17, 2004

You try studying for finals!

Sorry for the lack of posting in the past couple of days, but I've been - as the title suggets - studying for finals.

Here's what I've got to say right now:
Performance issues aside, GarageBand is GREAT!
The new iDVD themes are really good and provide more complete menu options.
While iMovie 4 may not offer many new features, it feels like a great improvement over iMovie 3.
I'd have something to say about iPhoto 4, but it took over 20 minutes to upgrade my library, so I haven't had time to look at it.
And, by the way, did we all miss iPhoto 3 or something?

Other things I have to say:
Download the new Adium alpha. The old Adium was fine, but the new one is great.
If you're shopping for a new cell phone, look at Sony Ericsson's T616 (which is basically the same as the T610). I just got one and it's my favorite new gadget.
If you haven't already, read the Da Vinci Code. Yes, it's really that good.
This whole Mars rover stuff is really cool.

Rumors to keep an eye on:
- Apple to drop iPod Mini to $199 this year.
- Powermac update on or around Jan. 20?

Wednesday, January 14, 2004


I mean:
Apple rakes in the big bucks...

But how big, you ask? How's a $63 million profit for ya'?

Not that I'm shocked, but the conversation really didn't reveal anything shocking. Among the most notable comments would be the rather unsurprising mention that the iPod Mini and HP iPod have lower margins than the original iPod. Possibly the most interesting thing said would be a comment stating Apple has no plans to port any other iLife apps to the PC world (definitely not surprising).

On the statistical side of things, Apple shipped 829,000 Macs during the first quarter (up 12 percent from the previous year), along with 733,000 iPods (up a staggering 235 percent from the previous year).

It's in the mail...

Sites including Mac Rumors are reporting that people who preorder iLife '04 from Apple have received emails telling them the new application suite is shipping. The official release date is this Friday.

Monday, January 12, 2004


According to what Mac Rumors cites as a "very reliable source," Apple will not introduce Windows Media Support on the iPod or the HP-branded iPod.

It looks like Apple's sticking to it's "AAC totally obliterates WMA" guns. It's good to see sorta-open-source triumphing over totally Microsofty proprietary.

The business deal heard 'round the world...

Well, the PC community is still is shock from Apple and HP's new unholy alliance to sell weird bluish iPods with the HP logo on the back (in exchange for HP grabbing everyone who buys one of their PCs at the shoulders and shaking them while screaming "iTUNES! iTUNES! iTUNES!").

As the Apple Turns seems to have the best analysis of Microsoft's reaction (they claim that this new deal is bad for consumers. Ha!). Meanwhile, Mr. Dell himself is quoted as having nothing to say about the deal that really screws over his fantastic little HP-mutant-iPod-knock-off-gizmo.

And more speculation is still spinning around, with some Slashdotters claiming that Apple and HP are working on Windows Media support for the iPod. (To be clear: There're no reliable reports pointing to this)

Actually, it's kinda fun to watch the PC reactions.
Kinda really fun.