Thursday, May 20, 2004

WWDC Hype!

If you head over to this post in the Mac Forums, you can feast on some of the latest and greatest unreliable rumor circulating about the upcoming WWDC keynote in June.

The poster cites Croquer dans la Pomme as the source for a report that claims Apple will announce new G5s with the PPC975 and clock speeds of up to 3 GHz (dual 3 GHz). Specs are provided for three different G5 configurations, but they're prefaced with the words "likey to change."

I've never heard of this (somewhat obviously) foreign site, but the user posting the rumor claims they have some credibility after the latest portable updates. That can't be confirmed or denied, but especially considering the "likely to change" caveat, I'd take this with an extra grain of salt for now.


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