Tuesday, May 11, 2004

When Intel says something's dead...

Remember, a few months back, Intel announced that Bluetooth was problematic and disasterous and buggy and slow and would probably somehow contribute to the destruction of Earth at the hands of a Vogon Constructor Fleet? In other words (paraphasing, if you will), Intel proclaimed Bluetooth dead (dead as a doornail, not that I've ever seen anything particularly dead about a doornail).

Well folks, it looks like they were right. But by "they got it right," I mean "they got it wrong."

Today, gaming giant Nintendo unveiled its much-anticipated new handheld system, the two-screened Nintendo DS. This USAToday article, which features one of the first pictures of the system, mentions that the DS features a nifty wireless doohicky called Bluetooth.

I must say, it's hard for a technology to get more dead than being adopted by the company dominating the handheld gaming market. Of course, by dead, I mean not dead. (and yes, I realize the NGage had Bluetooth, but I've yet to meet anyone who even knows a real living person who bought an NGage)

Of course, Intel really doesn't care that much about Bluetooth and such, they're too busy figuring out how to make processors fast enough to meet the only-slightly-very-outlandish estimated minimum requirements for Longhorn.

And, just to draw Apple into all of this, I think my Apple Bluetooth Mouse is pretty cool. And my Sony Ericsson Bluetooth phone. Yep, you can't go wrong with a wireless protocol named after a blueberry-eating pirate.

Correction: Apparently the USAToday article didn't have the correct specs. According to Nintendo, the DS will use Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth.


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