Monday, May 10, 2004

MacUnderground: Now with 80% more snazzy!

Well, I'm getting back into the swing of posting and figured some spiffy new changes might give things a nice kick. So, it's quite a nice coincidence that Blogger has just done a major overhaul of their system.

The three biggest new features right now are:
- Comments!
- RSS Syndication! (at "")
- Cool new look (it's from a template, so I'll definitely be messing with it on and off for the next couple of weeks)

I'll also take this opportunity to mention that I've set up the URL to redirect here (actually, it's been that way for a couple months, I just haven't really mentioned it).

While I'm busy with this self-serving site news post, I might as well mention that I'm working on some new webstore stuff that should be pretty nice. That said, I'm not going to say anything else about the new webstore until I've finished some products (oooohh... the anticipation!).

Explore the new look and enjoy!


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