Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Groovy conference calls...

AppleInsider is pointing to "at least one source" and claiming that updates to both iTunes and the iPod are coming soon.

By the way, howdy! How was your April? Mine was kinda busy.

Well, speculation has been abound about updates to the iPods, and rumor has it (well, we do deal in rumors here) that these 4th-Generation models might have some pretty spiff new features. Everything from mini-style clickwheels to color screens have been mentioned, but nothing particularly reliable has surfaced yet. With the mini doing so well, Apple may be feeling comfortable enough to experiment with the iPod a bit (but that doesn't seem particularly likely right now).

Meanwhile, iTunes could be ready for the leap forward to "iTunes 5," although there really hasn't been that much talk about iTunes right now. Mac Rumors mentions that more than a couple ways to sneak around the "Fairplay" DRM has surfaced, but doesn't say much else. There have also been several reports of record companies lobbying to increase the price of digital music, but I doubt Apple will give into demands like that without putting up one hell of a fight.

A lot of the speculation right now is surrounding an "iTunes Music Store Anniversary Conference Call" planned for 8:30 a.m. PDT tomorrow. Of course, any new announcements would pile on top of the new Powerbooks, iBooks, and Motion (Apple's newest pro-app for video), but the timing sure seems right (the current iPods will celebrate their first birthday this sunday).


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