Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Groovy 4.5!

The iTunes Music Store is celebrating its one-year anniversary and Apple has rolled out iTunes 4.5, full of spiffy new iTMS features.

- Party Shuffe: It looks like smart playlists meet dumb playlists with random shuffle added for "DJ" fun ("DJ" seems to be the new buzz word with iTunes 4.5).
- iMix: Publish your playlists on the iTMS so other people can see just how bad your taste is (or, as Apple puts it, become an "iTunes Celebrity").
- You can now save iTMS previews (you know, those 30-second clips).
- Finally, iTunes has a use for a song's cover art! You can actually print jewel case inserts for CDs using all sorts of different options, and you can now print song lists if you want a hard copy of your favorite playlist.
- Goodbye WMA, iTunes will convert unprotected WMA files into AAC (on Windows only).
- Apple Lossless: Yet another new audio codec, Apple Lossless promises all the quality of CD audio at half the file size (still, that's a pretty huge file).

iTunes 4.5 has a whole lot of new features packed into it, and is available on Mac and PC today. Also available today is a free iTMS track from the Foo Fighters (who cares what it is? it's free!).

Other notes about the iTMS milestone:
- 70 million songs sold
- 700,000 tracks available for download


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