Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Palm panicked?

According to this preview of PalmSource's new-and-currently-being-developed PalmOS, codenamed Cobalt, the folks at Palm have decided to leave Mac users out in the cold.

Yes, "Apple Macintosh Synchronization," is one of the items on the article's list of features missing from the OS (and I won't go into the whole "Apple Macintosh" naming thing).

Worried? Don't be. Software company Mark/Space (the guys who make the app that lets you sync a PocketPC with your Mac, though why you'd want to do that is beyond me) has already announced that they'll develop a Palm-syncing conduit for Cobalt and Macs. The company even says they'll offer licensing to Palm OS licensees who want to include OS X synchronization on their handhelds.

Cobalt itself looks pretty interesting. Well, it sounds pretty interesting. It still looks like Palm's current-and-very-outdated OS, but features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi syncing make it sound interesting.


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