Monday, February 16, 2004

One rumor sandwich, hold the G5!

According to a new series of blurbs at Think Secret, even though Apple has been receiving new G5s for a few weeks now, we won't see any new Powermacs this month.

The new Powermacs, which are expected to be speedbumps to hold us over until the magical 3 GHz G5 is released this summer, will be powered by the 90-nanometer PowerPC 970FX. The chip is designed to allow more speed while consuming less power, and IBM only officially announced it last week.

Think Secret doesn't answer any questions regarding why the Powermacs have been delayed, but they claim to be dealing with a very reliable source here. It looks like, for now at least, we're going to have to settle for a pathetic Dual-2 GHz machine on the top end (and nnnnooooooo, I'm not being sarcastic!).


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