Sunday, February 15, 2004

Chip chip cheerio!

Disclaimer: Most real British people don't talk like that, but they all have bad teeth (just kidding!).

According to new reports, Apple's preparing its second international flagship store to open in London later this year (in time for Christmas).

While this sounds like great news for Brits craving some ?ber-Mac shopping, not everyone's thrilled with the idea. This MacMinute blurb notes that Darren King, the CEO of a London-based Apple reseller, is just a little upset by the news. He mentions that he's "disappointed" and that he wasn't consulted first (and why would he be?).

Bottom line is that this is good for Londoners, and bad for Darren King (I vaguely remember someone famous saying "The needs of the many outweight the names of the few" just before saving the U.S.S. Enterprise).


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