Sunday, February 15, 2004

Ain't the mini great?

Well, this Washington Post article says someone's actually outdone the iPod. Or, to be specific, Apple has outdone Apple. The Post's Rob Pegoraro claims that the iPod Mini actually outdoes the current iPod, despite the price.

In other mini-related news, apparently new recorded messages at Apple Stores confirm a February 20 release date for the cell-phone/business-card/phaser-sized gadget. The messages also mention that there could be supply-issues with the high-demand mini (supply and demand, no?).

And, if you're totally mini-crazed, you can head over to the new CDW-owned Mac Warehouse and download a do-it-yourself mini. And if you can actually get a piece of folded paper stuffed with business cards to play music, CDW will buy the idea from you and use it to produce a new line of hard drives powered by corporate networking and synergy.

And damn, that thing's small.


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