Thursday, January 01, 2004

Rumors and rumors...

I'm still sorting through MWSF rumors, but here's the latest.

Mac Rumors is providing more confirmation on Final Cut Express's update to 2.0 (as already predicted in the Rumor Watch). The latest report from Mac Rumors also claims that some CompUSA stores are receiving new shipments from Apple carrying a "Do Not Open Before Jan. 6" tag (suggesting that this could be FCE 2).

With Xserve rumors conflicting, I've (for now) pulled the Xserve prediction from the Rumor Watch. AppleInsider is claiming that the servers will see an update in January or February, but not at the Stevenote, and Think Secret claims that a keynote update is in the works. I've decided to hold my final decision on the Xserve rumors until Friday, but right now I'm thinking that TS's report is looking more reliable (espcially with MR's latest FCE confirmation).

There's definitely more to come with the keynote less than five and a half days away and rumor sites readying their final predictions (myself included, of course).

And, by the way, Happy New Year.


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