Thursday, January 01, 2004

Round up the roundups!

With the Stevenote just days away, Mac Rumors has put together a MWSF Rumor Roundup, recapping the latest rumors.

Of note, is the fact that Apple has still not made any broadcasting plans public. A Quicktime webcast and Apple Store theater broadcasts are expected, but still not confirmed (MacUnderground's live coverage is relying on Apple Store theater broadcasts).

The biggest rumor right now is that of the mini iPods, which have confirmed almost completely, with only the expected prices still up in the air. Also circulating are iApp rumors, ranging from an update of the iLife suite to the addition of a new iApp (perhaps audio-related, or perhaps a word processor). Xserve updates are also rumored, though some sites a speculating that the announcement may be held until after the expo in order to keep the keynote's focus on consumer products. And, speaking of consumer products, Final Cut Express 2.0 is also expected, with some CompUSAs apparently receiving early shipments of the major update (my own sidetrack: if FCE 2.0 is ready-to-go, it could be the special freebie for keynote-goers at the Moscone Center that Steve will probably reveal during his speech).

But with only one hardware announcement and a handful of software updates confirmed, you can't help but wonder what we're missing, what Apple's keeping under wraps. Some speculation suggests that it might be something to celebrate the Macintosh's 20th anniversary, but there's no evidence to support that (yet).

Obviously, there's still more to come.


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