Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Keynote highlights.

(You can check out my posts from the live coverage here)

iPod Mini
4 GB capacity
Half an inch thick
Aluminum body
Comes in silver, gold, green, pink, and blue
Available in Feb (in April outside the US)

iLife 04'
Five applications
Available Friday, January 16

New Billboard charts
More Classical music added
Pepsi 100,000,000 song giveaway starts Feb 1
Part of iLife '04

Faster with more pictures
Enhanced slideshows
Ratings and smart albums
Quick controls
Rendezvous sharing
Enhanced and faster effects (including sepia)
Endorsed by Mr. Frodo
Part of iLife '04

Supports video from iSight
Audio scrubbing in the timeline
Edit and trim in the timeline
Easier sharing options
New, improved titles
Part of iLife '04

20 new themes
Transitions between menus
Enhanced slideshows
"Map" of DVD
Pro-quality encoding (from Final Cut Pro)
Now burns movies up to two hours long
Part of iLife '04

Make, mix, and record music
USB or MIDI keyboard (as in piano) input
Mix up to 64 tracks
Over 50 software instruments
Professional loops
Guitar amps
Audio effects
Export completed music directly to iTunes
Very cool
Even Sheryl Crow can do it!
Part of iLife '04

GarageBand Jam Pack
Add-on for GarageBand
Over 2000 loops
Over 100 software instruments
Over 100 audio effects
15 more guitar amps
Available Jan 16

10 GB model updated to 15 GB
Prices and other models unchanged

Final Cut Express 2
Real-time effects
Optimized for Panther and the G5
Based on Final Cut Pro 4
$299 or $99 upgrade

Xserve G5 and
Xserve RAID
Both updated
G5 model available with single and dual 2 GHz procs
All sorts of new server-y features
Single 2 GHz Model: $2999
Dual 2 GHz Model: $3999
A compute node model is also available

Also announced:

Microsoft Office 2004
Available in the Spring

Apple In-Ear Headphones

Apple to sell audio keyboards
$99 and $199 models by M-Audio and Edirol featured

iPhoto hardcover albums
Coming to Japan this month
Europe in March

"We're going to make something of this year."
- Steve Jobs


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