Monday, January 12, 2004

The business deal heard 'round the world...

Well, the PC community is still is shock from Apple and HP's new unholy alliance to sell weird bluish iPods with the HP logo on the back (in exchange for HP grabbing everyone who buys one of their PCs at the shoulders and shaking them while screaming "iTUNES! iTUNES! iTUNES!").

As the Apple Turns seems to have the best analysis of Microsoft's reaction (they claim that this new deal is bad for consumers. Ha!). Meanwhile, Mr. Dell himself is quoted as having nothing to say about the deal that really screws over his fantastic little HP-mutant-iPod-knock-off-gizmo.

And more speculation is still spinning around, with some Slashdotters claiming that Apple and HP are working on Windows Media support for the iPod. (To be clear: There're no reliable reports pointing to this)

Actually, it's kinda fun to watch the PC reactions.
Kinda really fun.


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