Monday, January 05, 2004

Apple New Year's Resolution #1: More Applications with Great Names

Mac Rumors is confirming that Apple will be releasing an application called "GarageBand" (no space between garage and band) in tomorrow's keynote. This could be a rumored consumer music application (though there's no confirmation on what this new app is).

And let's face it, "GarageBand" is a cool name.

In other last minute news, Mac Rumors is also confirming rumors that the Xserve line will be updated tomorrow (previously and currently predicted in the Rumor Watch).

Also, as reported last night, Apple has finally announced a Quicktime stream of the keynote, as well as Apple Store broadcasts.
I'll be providing live MacUnderground coverage of the keynote starting at 9 a.m. PST (that's 11 CST for me) from the Apple Store North Michigan Ave. Be sure to remember that coverage is at, not at the main page. I'm keeping it off the main site in order to keep the many, many short posts involved in keynote coverage out of the main archives (which are messy enough as is), and for a minimum of images (particularly these animated GIFs I've become somewhat addicted to).


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