Saturday, December 13, 2003

All they want for Christmas...

Well good luck finding that iPod on little Timmy's wish list because according to this Financial Times article, the 'Pods are selling so well many stores are actually running out of them. It seems cheaper knock-offs can't get people to resist the "coolness" of the iPod (and can you blame them?).

So it looks like Apple's holiday "BUY AN iPOD NOW AND DOWNLOAD iTUNES BEFORE WE GET ANGRY" campaign is working very, very well. Now if they could only get the same results from a "BUY A MAC NOW AND NEVER USE WINDOWS AGAIN (please?)" campaign...

Friday, December 12, 2003

MacWorld rumors!

AppleInsider is already making its MWSF04 predictions with a new report today.

The site claims that a generally anticipated Powermac update will be announced at MWSF (that'd make three G5 updates in six months), featuring dual 2.0, 2.2, and 2.4 GHz machines (even though AI also claims that IBM is delivering PowerPC 970's at upto 2.6 GHz to Apple along with the other clock speeds). Other upgrades to the G5 should include options for up to a Terabyte of storage (with AI speculating that it will be via four 250 GB hard drives), even faster DDR RAM, and support for a possible 1.5 GHz front side bus (that's fast).

Along with the new Powermacs, AI also claims that Apple will finally update the Xserve (it's about time! How does a G4 Xserver possibly compete with a Powermac G5?). Current rumors suggest that the new machines should see long-awaited G5s as well a 700 MHz-per-processor speed jump.

Really, this report offers more information on what we're already expecting. New Powermacs and new Xserves have been rumored for a MacWorld announcement for a while now (for a couple weeks with the Powermacs and a couple months with the Xserves). What's really interesting is the added details on each machine.

But the big unanswered question still remains. What will be Steve's "One more thing"? Last year it was the 12" Powerbook, and Mac Rumors only didn't confirm that (along with the 17") until a few hours before the keynote began.

I was posting! You just weren't looking close enough!

Ah! I'm back from MacUnderground's Spontaneous Holiday-Stuff-Related Week-Long Hiatus of Fun! (you try putting a postive spin on it).

Anyway, regular posting is back (I swear). Well, at least until next Friday. Posting will be on hiatus again (but I'm warning you this time) from Dec. 19 to Dec. 22 (that's Friday through Monday) in what I'm calling MacUnderground's Christmas Vegas Vacation! (it's all in the name...).

There's new MWSF rumors today, so stay tuned (or start tuning back in). Another post is on its way.