Saturday, October 04, 2003

Hip and humbug?

First reported yesterday (see "iHumbug", below), AppleInsider claims that Apple is working on a major and "fashionably-hip" iBook update in time for the holiday shopping season.

The new machines would be powered by the long-rumored IBM "Gobi" G3 - a.k.a. PowerPC 750GX - processors, reaching speeds up to 1.1 GHz. 166 MHz DDR RAM is also rumored.

These specs sound impressive, but some people are concerned about the iBook's potential position against the 12" Powerbook. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Apple upgraded the iBook to have models faster than the 12" PB (they've done it before, I bet they'll do it again). The iBook really needs a good holiday push for strong sales.

Truth be told, if you're considering buying a 12" Powerbook, you might want to wait. These new iBooks could really be powerful, especially considering IBM's ability to produce good processors when needed (you know, that G5 thing).

We might just be getting over wild Powerbook speculation, but guess what's coming up...
Wild iBook Holiday Speculation!

Friday, October 03, 2003

Duck and cover!

I couldn't resist. The 10.2.8 update is back, and who knows what kind of wild havoc it might bring with it.

You know something's wrong when the Panther Developer Beta is a more stable OS than an officially released Jaguar update.

Then again, it's more fun if something goes wrong every now and then...


AppleInsider is reporting that Apple is preparing a major overhaul of the iBook line in time for the holiday season.

These should include some impressive new specs and an enclosure redesign (could "white" portables go the way of Titanium ones?!). (Yes, they could). The new release would probably just coincidentally happen sometime around the Christmas shopping season (just a coincidence, really!).

Current speculated specs could actually put the new 12" Powerbook to shame (damn! Just when I was about to buy a 12" Powerbook, too!), including the long-rumored "Gobi" G3 from IBM.

I'll have more on this tomorrow (I need some sleep. I was up late watching the Brisbane Lions - "go Lions!" - cream the Collingwood Magpies - "boo!" - in a 134 to 84 victory in the Grand Championship).
(It's Australian Rules Football).

Good as gold!

This article claims Panther has reached "Gold Master" status, and that a release is planned for later this month.

Apple has not confirmed anything yet, but October 24th or 25th have been speculated to be probable Panther roll-out dates.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

The iPod: Now paper-thin!

This AppleInsider rumor (rumor! strictly a rumor!) claims Apple might move from the standard headphone jack in the iPod to a proprietary plug, only compatible with Apple headphones (with a "normal" connection on the wired remote. Although my wired remote broke about a month after I bought it because I got cherry soda on it).

Now, before you panic and stock up on earbuds with the "normal" plugs, you should hear the reason. Apparently it's because Apple actually wants to make the iPod thinner. Because thinner than a deck of cards just isn't thin enough, dammit!

Yes, this is definitely a rumor, but it brings up a good question. How thin is too thin (if it can be too thin)? I think Apple should look into making the iPod smaller before making it thinner. They're already freakishly thin (in a good way, though), so why not take some time to focus on cutting down the overall size?

And yes, cherry soda actually shorts out an iPod remote.

Good as gold?

Mac Rumors and (that's German you're trying to read at that site) are reporting that there are claims that OS X 10.3 Build 7B85 is the final version (a.k.a. "Gold Master", hence the post title).

While we can't be 100 percent sure about this, since neither sources have a known track record (Mac Rumors admits that their source is anonymous). But it's a possibility, since current rumors suggest Panther should be released in late October (24 or 25).

Other rumors suggest Apple might roll out Panther with a Jaguar-style shindig at Apple Retail Stores (although it would be nice if it started a bit earlier than 9 p.m.). And yes, that's really just a glitzy way of making a $129 OS upgrade seem less painful.

But hey, they might have some t-shirts and stickers to give out.
And you can't complain about swag.

Happy October!

I should get back up to speed with posting soon.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Hold the phone!

No, this has nothing to do with the make-believe "iPhone".

Actually, I was just surfing the net and realized that actually has some amazing cell phone deals. You can get a new color-screen camera-phone Sony Ericsson T610 (iSync compatible via bluetooth, of course) for $70. It's usually $300.

Yes, this has almost nothing to do with Macs (iSync! iSync!), but come on! There are even some phones that cost negative dollars (whatever that means)! That's just downright cool.

Besides, it doesn't matter if you think this post was pointless. It's my site and I can post what I want, when I want.
As long it's okay with you guys.