Saturday, September 20, 2003

Some iUpdates?

Mac Rumors is providing more info on a rumor first put forth by Think Secret a few days back regarding iSync 1.2 and iCal 1.5 (both added to the "Rumor Watch").

Why yes, it is a slow rumor day.

Apparently iSync will support more phones and more Calendar syncing, while iCal will see an upgrade to its interface, with more preferences and some nifty new features. Mac Rumors has a list of expected new features, as revealed by the latest Panther builds.

The iSync revision is pretty minor, but it'll be good to see iCal get a needed boost. While iCal is definitely nifty, it lacks a lot of features. Instead of being elegantly simple and powerful, iCal is just simple (and, truth be told, a little weak).

Yep. A slow rumor day.

Friday, September 19, 2003

This just in: Pigs Flying

Sure, us Mac folks are raving about the G5's performance, but we're not the only ones.

PC Magazine has given the Dual 2 GHz a four out of five, claiming that Apple has caught up with PCs.

I'll repeat that for those in shock: PC Magazine likes the G5. They like it.


That's just a little to overwhelming for me.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

It's like Powerbook rumors, just with an i...

Mac Rumors has put together some information on the next Apple product in need of an update, the iBook.

The last iBook update was a fairly insignificant speed bump back in April (or May, or one of those springy-summer months), and now with the Powerbooks (finally!) out of the way the iBook has some room to grow.

Still, Apple's going to have a tricky balancing act on their hands when they update the iBook. The 12" Powerbook is a very good seller, acting as a great "prosumer" laptop, and Apple wouldn't want to screw that up. They'll need to make the iBook better, just not a whole lot better. I wouldn't expect a major iBook revision until the Powerbooks are running G5s (assuming that's sometime next year).

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

We all litigate in a Yellow Submarine

Yes, I'm back after a needed rest. Doing 41 posts at three in the morning is hard work...

Anyway, this article is causing quite a bit of buzz in the whole "Apple sues Apple for the eleventeen-hundreth time" thing. It looks like Steve might not be as willing to settle as his predecessors.

Here's what steve said:

Apple Corporation and Apple signed a legal agreement more than a decade ago. I wasn't there, and it says what each company can do with their trademark. I inherited that, and right now there's a disagreement about this. It's a trademark dispute... We might have to get a judge to decide on it.
See, when Apple and Apple reached their audio agreement (back then Apple was suing Apple over speakers) Steve Jobs was still in exile, happily buying Pixar and founding NeXT. I'm not positive who the CEO was at that time, but I'm guessing it was John Sculley, the man who Steve tried to overthrow in 1985 (thus leading to Steve's exile). But now Steve's simply inherited the agreement, and he doesn't seem to care for it.

I don't think Apple Corps. knows who their dealing with here. Steve's words sound a whole lot like fightin' words, and odds are Steve isn't going to let the Beatles beat him. Well, just as long as he doesn't wear anything "Blue Dalmatian" colored to the trial.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Correction (of sorts)

The newly updated 12" Powerbook isn't available today. It should be shipping later this month.

That's all folks!

The keynote's over. Thanks for tuning in!

Thanks again to Mac Rumors for their coverage, which was the basis for my coverage.


Keyboard and Mouse notes:
- Not rechargeable
- Available in 2 weeks


Steve Jobs has left the stage everyone!


Keyboard uses 4 batteries, lasts 9 months.

Mouse and Keyboard are 79 Euro each (roughly $79)


Wireless mouse and keyboard actually have 128 bit encryption.

Batteries last 3 months.


Wireless Mouse and Keyboard (Bluetooth, of course)


The $1999 15" Powerbook has only a 1 GHz processor.
All the new Powerbooks are available today.


More on the 15" Powerbook:
Radeon Mobility graphics
Firewire 800
Starts at about $1999
Superdrive model costs $2499


Sure enough,
New 15" Powerbook
Slot-loading drive
15.2" Screen
1.25 GHz 7457
Up to 2 GB DDR RAM


Steve's building up to something (15" Powerbook, anyone?)...


Here's a fact for the day: Powerbooks are 80 percent thinner than PC laptops.


12" and 17" Powerbooks use Moto 7457 ('bout time, Moto) and are available today.


A new 12" Powerbook!
1 GHz with 512k Cache
1599 Euro (about $1599)


New 17" Powerbook
2 GB Max RAM
1.33 GHz G4
About $2999


Steve's doing a little speech about Apple and its laptops.
42 percent of Macs are mobile (January's 50% goal comes to mind)


Panther release date not announced.
Steve moving on to Powerbooks.


iChat AV should be Windows-compatible "soon".


Steve's still taking about iChat AV, although I assume this means Panther has been or is currently being wrapped up.


Once again, thanks to Mac Rumors for its great expo coverage.


Steve's chatting it up with iChat AV.
(Sorry, no Gore this time)


Steve says iChat AV is one of the most incredible things he's ever seen. Therefore, it must be the greatest thing to ever come to Earth.


Now we're on the fast user switching.

For those who haven't really seen it, it's quite cool looking.


Steve scrolls a 1600 page document (ooohh...).


Now it's on to the new and improved Preview (which is a whole lot like the old Preview).


Now we enter the "Things the User Can't Use" section with Pixlet.

Steve shows a clip of something Pixlet-ized.

Sure, it looks good, but I don't see it next to the "Ken Burns Effect" in iMovie...


Well, isn't File Vault just so interesting?


Take your time with that sandwich...


Now Steve's moved on to File Vault. A good time to go grab a sandwich...


It seems we're entering the GUI-happy portion of the speech, starting with Exposé demonstrations. I'm taking a wild guess that fast-user switching is next.


Thanks to Mac Rumors for some great keynote coverage.


It's quiet... too quiet if you ask me...


Apparently the audience has applauded a fast search through the Finder by Steve.

In all fairness, the new Finder is pretty nifty.


Panther info isn't new... (to those who tuned in to WWDC, at least)


Now on to Panther...

Jaguar ("Jag-wire") a huge success.
Steve talks about Panther's oodles of new features.


The video's over.

Many international Apple Stores are down.


Now he's showing that old G5 video from WWDC.


Steve's really going on about the G5...

It'll be at 3 GHz by summer next year.
Has great bandwith.
Kicks Xeon ass. (I'm paraphrasing there)


The US Apple Store is offline.

Keynote Update

Steve's doing the usual news and checking up on the latest Apple products.

So far he's touched base on the iPod and the G5.

Begin Keynote Coverage...

Morning, folks!

So far, his Steveness has just entered the stage at Apple Expo.

More soon.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Keynote Fever!

Keynote in 6 hours...

With the "Stevenote in Paris" (as I've taken to calling it) just six hours away, here's the skinny on MacUnderground's live coverage (oh boy!).

The keynote begins at 10 a.m. in Paris, which translates to 3 a.m. in my home time zone (Central Daylight Time). Coverage will begin then, probably with a simple "Hello".

Here's the catch with any "live coverage" of the keynote: Apple isn't streaming it. I'll be getting all my up-to-the-minute info from sources like Mac Rumors,, and IRC. Still, rest assured that you don't have to do that yourself, because I'll do it for you (because I'm just a nice guy like that).

Like I said, coverage begins at oh-three-hundred-hours CDT, so be sure to tune in (or just check in when you get up tomorrow morning at some reasonable time, like 4 a.m., or 4:30).

No cure for the... Powerbook Fever! (Updated)

Keynote in 6.25 hours...

Mac Rumors has thrown together some speculative specs for the new Powerbooks.

The prediction calls for two 15" models with a 1 GHz to 1.25 GHz G4 and a 1.25 GHz G4 17" model. The machines would be sporting USB 2.0 and RAM expansion reaching 2 GB.

We'll know how close Mac Rumors is in just a few hours when the speech starts. I'll be covering the keynote live, but more on that later (see "Keynote Fever!" above, or soon to be above).

Update: Mac Rumors has since decided that those specs are probably wrong.

Expo Fever!

Keynote in 10.5 hours

Mac Rumors has provided a link to this photo gallery of the nearly-ready Apple Expo set-up.

Of note are pics of Apple's booth, a big new iPod ad on the outside of the building, and the "Secret Boxes" from Apple.

Oooohh... Secret Boxes...

iTMS getting its groove on...

This Newsweek article brings to light new plans for the iTunes Music Store's Windows release.

In tune (no pun intended. really.) with a few recent rumors, the article notes that Apple has quietly been notifying record companies of its plans to to have the iTMS and iTunes itself ready for Windows in mid-October.

Hopefully this earlier than expected release will help Apple gain a foothold over other upcoming "al la carte" download services, and thus a powerful foothold in the Windows community.

Expo Fever!

Keynote in 13 hours...

As if confirmed Powerbooks (see "Holy confirmation, Batman!" and "Powerbook fever!" below) didn't bring in enough speculation and excitement, Think Secret now claims that Apple also plans on rolling out a Special Edition 40 GB iPod at Apple Expo.

Think Secret cites a "reliable source" (famous last words), but claims that it's one of their more reliable reliable sources. Even with that vote of confidence, they don't actually know what will make the Special Edition iPod special. Their best guess is some kind of new remote.

Also slated for an expo announcement (along with Powerbooks, of course) are rumored iPod peripherals, although nobody can seem to figure out what those really are, either.

It might be sketchy, but it's all coming from credible sites. We'll know exactly how reliable some of these sources are in just a few hours...

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Powerbook Fever!

Stevenote in 34.5 hours

(See "Holy confirmation, Batman!" below)

Now that we're all getting into Powerbook speculation mode, here's a more in-depth look at the current prediction situation.

First off, Mac Rumors is now being very clear that "3 models" doesn't necessarily mean a 12", 15", and 17". In fact, it could mean two 15" and a 17" or maybe three 15" (although a $1000 price range on one model would be more than a little odd). The little 12 incher may have to wait a bit longer for its revision.

Meanwhile, the real speculation is going into possible specs for the new 'books. While Motorola 7457s have been generally expected (they're the latest G4s), quite a few people have begun wondering about the G5.

Truth be told, a Powerbook G5 is a real possibility. And no, the G5 isn't too power hungry. At 1.6, 1.8, and 2 GHz speeds, the G5 requires a lot of power, but IBM can make the 970 slower. In fact, there're documents claiming that at speeds around 1.2 GHz, the G5/970 actually uses less power than the G4s currently used in Powerbooks.

And no, the G5 isn't too hot. The Powermac G5 needs super-cooling because it has an entire system custom-built around the G5. It has an 800 MHz to 1 GHz system bus, high speed processors, and all sorts of heat generating neat-o tech.

The bottom line is that a Powerbook G5 is a possibility. It wouldn't have the overall power of Powermac G5s, but it would definitely top the G4.

All that said, come Tuesday new Powerbook G4s are more likely to see the light of day. The G5 will probably make its way into portables next year.

Holy confirmation, Batman!

The good folks at Mac Rumors have confirmed that Apple will release new Powerbooks come Tuesday!

Yes, they've confirmed it.


Details are sketchy at best, but Mac Rumors seems to think we'll be looking at three models priced between $1999 and $2999.

"This Tuesday!"

More crazy Apple Trademarks!

If you don't already know, Apple owns all sorts of interesting trademarks that they don't seem to use, or just aren't using yet.

The latest weird trademark (as noted at Mac Rumors): "Garage Band"

Yes, let's all go out and buy our own Apple Garage Bands!

Other current unused trademarks include "Junkyard", "XGrid", "Gigawire", and several OS X-like wild cat names (Lynx, Tiger, Leopard, and Cougar).

While some of these trademarks seem to make sense (many people speculated Firewire 800 was "Gigawire"), "Junkyard" and "Garage Band" seem just a little odd.

Then again, what should we really expect from the company that owns