Friday, August 22, 2003

Reporting live from the Apple Store...

Just because I'm away from home base doesn't mean I can't chime in on the latest buzz!

Yes, with Powerbook updates possibly arriving in mere minutes (or in several weeks, but let's stay upbeat), Mac Rumors is posting even more up-to-the minute rumors and speculation (and we really haven't had enough Powerbook rumors yet).

Today Mac Rumors is citing a "reliable report" that could very well prove how little we really know about this upcoming revision. This report claims that the new 15" Powerbook may not sport the now long-rumored 15.4" screen. Instead, the new Aluminum Book will stick with a 15.2" screen size (although that doesn't necessarily mean it will have the same dimentions).

Now we just wait a little itsy bit longer (or maybe it'll be next week, who really knows anyway?)...

Thursday, August 21, 2003

We have confirmation!

But no, it's not about the Powerbooks (sorry).

Today, Think Secret and Mac Rumors provided confirmation for the long-fabled Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

Support for these Bluetooth devices is added in Panther, but apparently they'll work on Jaguar with a firmware update. The Keyboard runs off four AA batteries, while the mouse takes two AAs.

While wireless keyboard and mouse rumors have floated around for quite a while, speculation increased when Apple recently labeled current keyboards as "wired".

There's still no details on when the new input devices might be on the market, but since they appear to be Jaguar-compatible, they could actually be announced at any time (PowerPage's mystery "fourth announcement" comes to mind, even though we're still waiting on the Powerbooks).

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Sights set on the Amazon... (.com)

Today's installment of the Never Ending Powerbook Rumors comes directly from In all fairness, this isn't as much rumor as it is observation and speculation.

The massive online retailer has listed the 15.2" Powerbook as "not stocked" or "discontinued". You can see it for yourself here.

Obviously, this suggests that the long fabled Powerbook updates may really be on their way as soon as tomorrow. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

More! More! More!

Yes, as if Monday's Powerbook report from Think Secret somehow wasn't a big enough Powerbook rumor fix, PowerPage has chimed in with even more!

So, if you haven't already over-dosed on random unsubstantiated Powerbook rumors from nameless but so-called "reliable" sources, click right here to read the whole shebang.

If you're about to go comatose from the constant stream of Powerbook talk, here's a basic rundown of what PowerPage has to say.

- A "reliable source" has seen the new 15" Powerbook in the box (Yes! Another chance to use both quotation marks and italics together!)
- All three Powerbooks will be updated this week
- All three Powerbooks will have nVIDIA graphics cards, but they'll move back to ATI at the next revision (in all fairness, this is at least something different. It'll be interesting to see if PowerPage is right about this)
- Sketchy details!
And finally (and possibly most interesting)...
- A fourth product announcement this week. PowerPage isn't sure what it'll be, but toys with ideas like updated iBooks, a new tablet, or (what they consider most likely) some kind of audio application. (Have they considered that this "fourth announcement" might be the G5 shipping?)

You know, for the sake of everyone's sanity (or what's left of everyone's sanity) I hope all three Powerbooks are updated this week.

Anyway, there's no way to know whether PowerPage's "reliable source" is actually reliable (or actually a source), so be sure to take this rumor with an extra grain of salt. Although, at this point I think most people are taking these Powerbook rumors with the whole salt shaker (that would explain the high blood pressure...).

Monday, August 18, 2003

More Powerbook rumors! Updated!

Remember Think Secret's article from this morning? Remember how it didn't address the 12" Powerbook? Now it does!

Think Secret has updated the article with their latest info. The site now claims that the 12" Powerbook will be updated in September.

In my last post I said that I still believed the 12" would be updated with the 15 and 17 inch models, but Think Secret admittedly had no info on 12" Powerbook then. Considering the site's accuracy (probably the best on the net), I'm inclined to believe its latest report and have updated the Rumor Watch to match this development.

Of course, the 12" could still arrive with the 15 and 17 inch machines, but there's been so little release details about these new machines that there's almost no reports conflicting with Think Secret's claims.

At least two more weeks of Powerbook rumors to come!

Even many much much more Powerbook rumors!

Think Secret has finally tossed its hat in the ring with a brand new Powerbook rumor.

According to the report, Apple finished development of new 15" and 17" Powerbooks earlier this month and may announce the machines later this week. The new 'books will be running Blackrider, a 10.2.7 Jaguar-variant similar to the G5's Smeagol.

But what about the 12"?

While Think Secret admits that there's evidence pointing to a 12" revision, the article claims that the 12 incher may not be updated with its larger siblings.

Personally, I think the 12" will be updated with 15 and 17 inch models. Think Secret tends to be very accurate, but there's been such an overwhelming amount of rumors regarding the 12" individually and the entire line as a group. And since Think Secret admits that it doesn't know for sure about the 12 incher, it seems more likely that it will be updated.

It's in the mail...

Apple is shipping Powermac G5s! On schedule!

Single processor models have been packed up and sent off, and the Dual Processor machines should be on their way later this month.

Other recent rumors suggest that Apple Retail Stores should have Powermac G5's ready to go later this week.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

More tomorrow. Really.

I spent the weekend dealing with a major problem with iDVD will be posting more tomorrow.