Saturday, August 16, 2003

The only thing they fear...

Here's a very interesting MacMinute blurb (with a link to the original source).

I think it's best you read it yourself. It's about IT people, Macs, and why they don't use them. Apparently Macs are too good. So good that those IT guys (and gals) sorta fear them. At least, according to PBS. And when has public television steered us wrong?

Then again, I'm more of a public radio kinda guy...

Even much more Powerbook rumors!

Yes, as if there weren't already enough rumblings and rumors on the (possibly) upcoming Powerbook revision, Mac Rumors is adding even more fuel to the fire.

The site's posted a new Page 2 blurb, stating that IngramMicro, a "major distributer" (I've never heard of them, but that doesn't mean they don't exist), has no 15" Powerbooks and very low supplies of the 12" (like most other recent reports, the 17" machine isn't mentioned).

At the rate recent rumors have come out, an announcement next week is seeming more and more likely. And who knows what other details - or purely fictional speculation - might emerge this weekend. Sure, the details can be useful and informative, but the fictional speculation is just funny as hell.

Dare I say... "Next Tuesday!"?
On second thought, maybe I shouldn't dare myself in these posts...

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Even more Powerbook rumors!

Mac Rumors has put together yet another grouping of Powerbook rumors, this time offering some interesting - although speculative - insight at the (possibly) upcoming update.

Here's what Mac Rumors thinks is in store after looking through the endless pile of Powerbook rumors:
- A thinner 12" Powerbook
- Clock speeds reaching 1.33 GHz
- Backlit keyboard and FireWire 800 on all models

It sounds good. It also sounds reasonable. It could very well be what Apple actually releases. The only thing that bothers me is some of the sources Mac Rumors cites. These include Mac OS Rumors and Kodawarisan.

My misgivings about the sources aside, Mac Rumors definitely has a talent for separating fact from fiction in these rumors. While there's still no way to know when we'll actually see these updates (although next week is still a possibility), we're getting an ever-more-clear picture of what they'll be.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I love the smell of justice in the morning

In case you haven't already heard from a source like MacMinute, Microsoft has actually lost a major legal battle (no, that's not a typo, they really did finally lose in court).

The plaintiffs were Eolas Technologies, a Chicago-based software company, and the University of California. Their claim was that the happy folks at Microsoft stole code from them and used it to create Internet Explorer (gasp!).

The federal jury that came down against Microsoft (a brave and noble act) saw it as a case of good ol' American patent infringement (brings back fond memories, doesn't it?). They awarded Eolas and the University $520 Million in damages (over half a billion dollars!).

Now, you might be one of those people who'll rush out and say something like "Half a billion? Ha! That's chump change to Microsoft!" And while you're probably right, think about this: Microsoft got caught! In fact, you should just say the phrase "Microsoft got caught!" You'll get this warm, happy feeling inside every time you say it.

So, congratulations Eloas and the University of California! Not just congratulations for your court victory, but congratulations on designing - and patenting - something Microsoft was willing to steal. Thank you.

(say it with me:) "Microsoft got caught!"

That's all, folks!?

According to Think Secret, IDG World Expo has basically warned Boston's mayor and tourism department that next summer's MacWorld won't be held their city. In fact, the summer MacWorld might be done for.

The article goes on to note Apple's "waning" support for a summer show (as if that wasn't obvious), even in New York City. While it appears - for the time being - that IDG is still interested in some sort of summer expo, Think Secret reports that this show wouldn't even carry the name "MacWorld" and would be dependent on Windows developers showing up. It's name would simply be "CreativePro" (hmm... sounds vaguely familiar...).

It's pretty clear that Apple just doesn't want to maintain three American trade shows a year. June's blockbuster WWDC successfully demonstrated the usually quiet show's ability to wow both developers and consumers (you know, that "G5" thing). And the iTunes Music Store's press conference introduction back in Spring tested out an alternative, "Expo-less Keynote" for making big announcements.

MacWorld is dead! Long live (the other) MacWorld!

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Are they here yet?

Yes, I'm talking about Powerbooks again, and this time I'm comparing Powerbook rumors with the talk of an Apple announcement on the 18th or 19th (sounds like fun!).

Considering how overdue these new Powerbooks are (particularly the 15" PB), it seems that the most likely candidate for any new hardware announcement will be this pesky portable update.

So, if Apple's really planning on announcing new Powerbooks in just a week or so, are there still wacky delays flying about?

There have been two major rumored sources for delays on this Powerbook announcement. The first is design problems with the new 15.4" Aluminum Powerbook. The second is development problems with the latest and "greatest" (term used lightly) G4 at Motorola. If either (or, dare I say, both) is (or, dare I say, are) the case, Apple could still announce new Powerbooks, and possibly ship some models. Apple's history should be quite clear in the "Announce v. Shipping" situation. Announcements definitely don't mean immediate shipping (alas...).

Let's just assume that there's an active delay still slowing things down (let's face it, there probably is). Despite my distrust of Moto's processor development, my bet's that the 15" AlBook is the cause of our long, long wait. Assuming I'm right (which is a pretty big assumption), the new 12" and 17" Powerbooks may be rolling off the assembly lines as you read this, and they could in fact be ready to go as of next week (this would be most likely with the 12", considering how much work has to go into the 17"). Now, to be realistic (aw shucks!), near-immediate availability is a bit much to wish for on a new hardware update, but it is a possibility.

Lastly here, I've got to point out that I'm basing the announcement/availability assumptions in this post on the idea that Apple will announce something new on the 18th or 19th. Simply put, I'm basing rumors on other rumors. Like all rumors, each of these rumors need to be taken with a grain of salt (yes, even that rumor, too). We all know that rumors aren't sure things, and it's particularly dangerous to mix rumor with rumor, particularly when you use those rumors to make assumptions about other rumors.
Alright, most of the above paragraph was jibberishy. What matters is that you should take this with an extra bit of caution, because it's a rumor based on another rumor (and sure, I could just delete the previous paragraph and leave this one instead, but what fun would that be?).

Expect some interesting speculation to emerge next week (but what could possibly be more interesting than this?).