Friday, July 11, 2003

It's an Xserve thingy?

With that Macworld Create thingy less than a week away InfoWorld has published this odd rumorish article pushing forward speculation about G5 Xserves.

The article basically cites Spymac and Mac Rumors, along with their own reseller source, claiming that there's plenty of evidence that Steve Jobs will announce G5 "xServes" in his Keynote speech on Wednesday.

What? Steve Jobs isn't speaking? There's no keynote speech? It's spelled "Xserve"?!

Yes, while InfoWorld does have a fairly convincing unnamed reseller source who claims that sales of the "xServe" have basically stopped since the G5 announcement (although I think most of us could've guessed that), the article also appears to be under the impression that Steve Jobs is giving a Keynote speech. They also mis-capitalize Xserve over and over again.

Misinformation aside, it's a moderately interesting rumor. But it's no Powerbook rumor. And that's where even more trouble lies.

The general feeling I have right now is that if Apple doesn't announce 15.4 inch Powerbooks at the thingy, Greg Jowasiak will probably be attacked by the massive crowd of disgruntled Mac fans. Then again, maybe that's why Steve isn't doing the speech himself (just kidding, of course)...

I mean, sure Xserves are stackable, but we've been waiting too freakin' long for these Powerbooks.
Wait a sec... You can stack Powerbooks too! Hmm...

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Are the Powerbooks here yet?

There's more Powerbook buzz (particularly for the 15 incher) as MacWorld Creative Pro, or "The Create Thingy" as I like to call it, draws nearer.

Considering how few rumors have surfaced lately, there's a lot of caution in current speculation. Statements along the lines of "Revised 15" Powerbooks are a possibility to consider thinking about" are surfacing at rumor sites.

Here's my opinion (warning: I'm tired): Where the hell are these freakin' 15 inch Powerbooks?! Dammit, Steve! We've been waiting six freakin' months! (don't say I didn't warn you)

It simply comes down to this point: We've been waiting way too long for this one Powerbook update. At the same time, many sites are refusing to really predict anything because they're afraid of falling into an 3G iPod-like rut (you remember, right? Last spring, when everyone kept predicting iPods for the next Tuesday, and then the next Tuesday, and so on).

Here's my slightly reasoned thinking: There's a strong possibility (the terms "high probability" and "big chance" also would apply) that Apple will finally announce an updated 15 inch Powerbook during their presentation at the Create thingy (Greg Joswiak, Apple's VP of Hardware and Product Marketing, will be the presentator. Some people have pointed out the fact that he works in hardware as a sign of a Powerbook announcement). There's also a vague possibility (I'm going to stress the word "vague", for now at least) that Apple will also update the 12 inch Powerbook (the only real evidence being the recent price drop). As for the 17 inch Powerbook, an update is possible, but I definitely don't expect it right now.

I think what we really have to wonder is when the hell will the 15 inch Powerbook be updated if it isn't at the Create thingy?! But it's probably not a good idea to raise our blood pressure like that.

Well (just for kicks), the Powerbook update is (possibly) Next Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Taking an old theory to extremes...

You know the classic logic: Price drop = Impending update. It applies to all sorts of hardware, but how about keyboards?

Yes, Think Secret has pointed out that Apple's dropped the price of the Pro Mouse and Pro Keyboard. They then take the opportunity to point out some rumors they heard about wireless mice and keyboards back around WWDC.

Who knows, maybe the price drop theory really does apply to petty input devices... But I seriously doubt that Mac users will be running out to stock up on mice and keyboards any time soon.

Of course, I'll take a dozen.

A link o the day...

Here's a fun a little link I stumbled upon (don't let the name keep you from checking it out).

Monday, July 07, 2003

The "Final Cut" for Adobe...

In yet another twist in the "strained-but-they-really-love-eachother" relationship between Adobe and Apple, Adobe has decided to stop producing Adobe Premier for the Mac (excuse me if I'm not distraught).

Really, it looks like a no-brainer for Adobe when you consider that nearly 90 percent of Premier's users are on Pee-Cees. Now before crazed Pee-Cee users start running around claiming that Macs are no good for movie editing, it should be made clear that the reason almost noone buys Premier for the Mac is because Final Cut Pro is way better (well duh, it's made by Apple).

What's actually somewhat odd is what Adobe's David Trescot said about the overall situation:

"I think you're going to find that more and more -- if Apple's in a software market, third-party vendors are going to skip it."
(Excuse me if I think this guy is acting like a jerk)
(...because for all I know he could really be a very nice person.)

Then again, when you consider Safari's success, and the related drop of Internet Explorer for Mac, you see that this all very good. Period. Really, what could possibly go wrong?

Alright, something could go wrong. Apple needs to pick and choose where to develop software (at least for the time being), especially freeware (like most of the iApps). Andy Ihnatko had a really good editorial in Macworld a while back about Apple's free software has some bad side effects (okay, so I'm rambling off topic a bit).

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about Apple as long as Adobe keeps making Photoshop for Mac. And as long as Apple makes a decent office suite that's Microsoft Office compatible, but much much better than any piece of trash Microsoft makes (oh, and it needs to be cheaper, too).

(Excuse me if I've used the "excuse me if I..." thing too much)

Get your groove on...

Two interesting iTunes Music Store tidbits today, both from blurbs over at MacMinute.

First off we've got Ecast claiming that Apple has put them out of business with the iTMS. Apparently Ecast is an online music distributer (I say "apparently" because I've never ever heard of them), and they say that Apple - as well as other companies - simply pushed them out of the business (excuse me if I'm not weeping).

Secondly (and lastly, I suppose) is Apple's grab of not just an excluse track, but an entire exclusive album for the iTMS. Doesn't that sound just great? Well, there's a catch. The "Exclusive Album" is the soundtrack to the upcoming "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (excuse me if I'm not rushing to download it). But, considering the fact that there won't be a single CD of the soundtrack produced (legally, at least), it's a victory for Apple (a strange victory...).

Groovy, I guess (maybe)...

Sunday, July 06, 2003

25 GHz?!

Warning: This will make your computer feel very slow (even that Dual-2 GHz G5 you just ordered).

Mac Rumors has posted unconfirmed data on the future of IBM's PowerPC Processors, and their role in Apple products. It spans all the way from the 970 to the 9900, five years down the line.

Of immediate (as in the next year or so) interest are the 970 (of course) and the 980. Apparently the 970 won't be the processor to meet Steve Jobs 3 GHz promise, but the 980 should fit the bill perfectly. While the 970 will top out around 2.8 GHz, the 980 will be introduced around 3 GHz and won't top out until nearly 5 GHz.

It all relates to Apple with the G5's introduction in Powerbooks (predicted for Jan/Feb 2004, where a MWSF announcement would be a possibility), Xserves (predicted for later this year), and in the trusty ol' iMac (not surprisingly, a year away).

If we look really far down the road (time for the "Wow" factor of this rumor) we see two more processors in development. There's the PPC 990 and the 9900 (which answers the question of what comes after 990). The 990 should see the light of day sometime around 2005/2006, with clock speeds pushing from 6 GHz to 10 GHz (oooohhhh...). But the really good news comes from the 9900 (targeted around 2007/2008) which should hit 20 to 25 GHz (oooohhhh...).

The Mac Rumors post has tons of interesting info about the 980 (back to the near future) and its features list. While Mac Rumors does make a point that the info (about the 970, 980, 990, and 9900) is unconfirmed, it's obviously good enough to make the front page (so it can't be completely unconfirmed).

Just think of the ads... "The new Powermac G7 has enough processing power to completely destroy the city of Redmond, Washington..."