Saturday, June 14, 2003

Loopy all right...

LoopRumors has posted a little blurb on how the Apple Retail Stores are getting a new look. It includes a photo from the opened today Chestnut Hill, MA store.

Here's the catch: LoopRumors reported "changes" are in fact the standard layout for smaller Apple Stores (ones without theaters).

And here's the funny part: LoopRumors completely fails to point out that the new store has completely different display tables. In fact, the whole store takes on a sort of "wood grain" look as opposed to the "white podium" look of most stores.


Anyway, it's worth heading over if only to take a look at the new wood tables. They're kinda interesting.

Good news all around...

Just a quick post with some good news this morning. What good news is that? Well, it appears there's almost complete confirmation that we'll see PowerPC 970-based Macs at WWDC.

Catch your breath. Don't faint in front of your computer. You've recovered? Good.

According to the accuracy giants at Mac Rumors, there are reliable reports about HyperTransport and a Keynote stream. The first of those reports implies 970 confirmation, and the second means we're in store for something big.

I'll be viewing the keynote live at the Apple Retail Store in Woodfield.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Time for a happy dance...

It's almost completely confirmed. Microsoft will no longer develop any new versions of Internet Explorer for Mac.


Sorry about that. As I was saying, it appears that the general manager over at the Mac Business Unit (MBU), Roz Ho, has confirmed that Internet Explorer for Mac will not ever be updated. Ever, ever, again.

And they say Friday the 13th is unlucky...

Good news everyone!

The first version of the MacUnderground Edition is on schedule for a Monday release. Today, the 10-page PDF was compiled (and its only 1.1 megabytes).

What is The Edition? There's one easy way to find out. Just download the June Issue on Monday.

Down the road again...

MacWhispers has posted an interesting speculative article about possible future things to come out of Apple. While they stress that the article is very speculative, it's still an interesting look at what their inside information leads them to believe.

Of interest in the article is talk of a 5 inch by 7 inch white plastic enclosure. MacWhispers doesn't know what its for, but claims the product will be available by Christmas time.

Also of interest is MacWhispers claim that Apple is working on a digital camera that should be ready be Christmas time. Currently all talk of an Apple camera is focused around some sort of web cam that may be bundled with iChat 2.0's video conferencing feature.

As for WWDC, MacWhispers is still predicting 970 Powermacs and Powerbooks. They go on to suggest that the Powermacs may very well see their first revision only a month and a half after their initial release. This revision would bring dual-processor machines into the mix.

While this story is interesting and worth reading for yourself, you have to remember to take it with an extra grain of salt. It's a good read, but it's very speculative. MacWhispers is merely thinking aloud here, not predicting.

Sorry for the sudden and unexplained day off, but I was attending to various important MacUnderground matters. Look for at least two, and possibly more, new posts today.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Doubts, second guesses, and T-minus 11 days, 16 hours, and 8 minutes...

Oh my! Rumor followers everywhere are jumping into a frenzied panic over something mentioned in today's episode of As the Apple Turns.

Here's what they're panicking about (if you haven't already read it and begun screaming while falling to the floor and curling up in a fetal position):

Meanwhile, we're hearing the faintest rumblings that the Power Mac G5 may actually not be ready for a WWDC introduction after all.
Yes, apparently we're so jumpy from our Starbuck's Double Shot's and Caribou Coffee Chai Teas that "the faintest rumblings" send us into a wild panic.

First, let me calm you down in a nice reassuring way: Calm down, and put down that can of Vanilla Coke.

Alright. Are we all calm now? Good. Because now I'm going to shout at the good people at As the Apple Turns. What the hell?! There. Now I feel better.

Yes, let's not look too far into these "rumblings." Every rumor has its rumblings of doubts, second guesses, illogical conclusions, and conflicting information. That's why they call them "rumors." And some people (like myself) find them quite entertaining.

All rumors have rumblings. We've now established that. Also, some people have pointed out that this only refers to whether the Powermacs are ready to sell. Apple could easily announce new Powermacs at the WWDC Keynote, start taking pre-orders, and then start shipping them in four to eight weeks (al la the 17" Powerbook back at MWSF). The same thing applies to Xserves and Powerbooks.

So, there's really no reason to panic over these "rumblings." For all we know, they could be a ploy by Apple to divert our attention from the fact that an additional 30 minutes has been tacked on Steve Jobs's keynote speech.

Remember, these rumblings are rumors themselves. And, come on!, how accurate are rumors?! Wait... that came out wrong...

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Apple Legal strikes?

Yesterday I reported that Apple Legal had moved on Apple Insider's rumor regarding the Powermac "G5." Today I have an unusual clarification.

Apple Legal pulled the report on the story at Apple Insider from Mac Rumors. Basically, they pulled something from Mac Rumors but not from Apple Insider, which was the source of the Mac Rumors report. Strange, isn't it?

Perhaps the Mac Rumors post was more accurate than the Apple Insider report, even if the Mac Rumors post was about the Insider's report. Yes, it's confusing. But it's all very interesting. We'll have to see what Apple Legal does with MacWhispers latest report, too (see "Things are heating up..." below).

All this, and its only 10 a.m...

Things are heating up...

MacWhispers has now released its inside information regarding the PowerPC 970, and it's quite interesting...

Of the most interest is that Powermacs with single 970 processors are currently being manufactured; Powerbook with single 970s are currently being manufactured; Powermacs with dual 970s are not yet in production, but are ready to go into production at any time; and that the case design will see metallic-looking plastics, as well as a long-reported front panel of anodized aluminum, and will include handles, but in a different form from the current design (talk about a run-on sentence, there).

This is very interesting because not just is there some new information here, but much of it fits in with the existing MacBidouille/AppleInsider rumors. That said, MacWhispers latest info is unique for predicting Powerbook 970s (and it should be noted that MacUnderground is also predicting Powerbook 970s).

What makes this all so unusual, though, is that while rumors from MacBioudille, AppleInsider, and MacWhispers fit together in some places, they don't in just as many places. This is particularly strange with MacBidouille and AppleInsider since they claim to have the same source for their rumors.

We could also see a response from Apple Legal towards MacWhispers report at any time in the next few days (see "Apple Legal strikes!" below).

All this before breakfast, too...

Monday, June 09, 2003

Apple Legal strikes!

Apple Legal has moved in on recent Powermac G5 rumors out of AppleInsider. Even Mac Rumors has pulled their report on the Insider's story.

With the WWDC two weeks away, Apple Legal is moving into a position where it seems ready to strike down rumors that could have any accuracy towards the impending PowerPC 970 announcement.

Score one for Think Secret...

Apple has released a new Security Update via Software Update. Not too interesting, I know, but Think Secret accurately predicted this update in a post earlier today.

TS has actually been on quite a winning streak with its rumors, some of which (regarding the recent iSync 1.1 and Keynote 1.1 updates) were pulled by request of Apple Legal.

Considering today's Security Update, we should probably expect Apple to make version 2.0.1 of the iPod software available later this week. TS predicts it in the same post from this morning.

What's interesting about TS's recent accuracy is that it's almost exclusive to software updates, which are somewhat harder to get inside info on. While hardware has to be designed, the components manufactured, then assembled, and shipped, software (particularly downloads) stay much closer to Apple's base of operations.

Ya know, a juicy Powermac 970 rumor would be pretty nice (hint, hint!)...

Surfin' Safari!

Here's more dirt on the latest Safari build to be leaked, v80.

As mentioned earlier, if a page loading in a background tab times out, it no longer grabs control of what you're currently doing. The pic below shows what happens instead (a nice improvement, if you ask me).

I liked the talking cow better...

Gateway computers, in an effort to return to profitability (oh, I'm so sorry for them!), is putting together a very special edition laptop. It's pink.

In a further sign that PC manufacturers have drifted into drug-induced delusions, Gateway will be releasing a special "Legally Blonde 2" edition of the Gateway 450. It's pink.

You can read the accompanying CNET article, including a picture, here.

What else can I say, it's pink.

Buyout blues?

LoopRumors claims that Apple is considering buying out Roxio. Roxio makes the CD software Toast and owns Napster and Pressplay, possible competitors to the iTunes Music Store.

Considering that this is coming out of LoopRumors, I don't have much confidence in it. I need to see more rumor mills supporting this before I'd see it as a real possibility.

Surfin' Safari!

Some notes on Safari v80:
- Bookmark Bar folders can be set to open by simply clicking (instead of command-clicking).
- It's installed via a pkg installer. Don't worry, the installer is safe.
- The default font changes to "Times 16." You can fix this by changing it back to "Lucida Grande 14."
- If a non-active tab times-out while loading, a warning message no longer commands your attention.

Surfin' Safari!

I've downloaded Safari v80 (apparently v78 wasn't the final...) and will install it first thing this morning (after I sleep and such). Expect some comments on the continuing future of Safari later today.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Icon war brewing...

Here's an interesting non-rumor development out there. It appears that the new icon management software, IconBox has joined up with Why is this interesting, though?

Well, IconBox was released some weeks ago, around the same time the Iconfactory announced its own icon management app, Pixadex.

While Pixadex still isn't available for download, one could see how this might very well become a situation of Xicons vs. the Iconfactory. Of course, Pixadex is losing ground with each day it still isn't released.

Reviews of both IconBox and Pixadex are planned for the June issue of the MacUnderground Edition, but I can't review Pixadex if the Iconfactory doesn't release it next week.