Thursday, May 22, 2003

Redmond Safari? is reporting that Apple is developing a Windows version of Safari.

No other details appear to be available, but considering the fact that Apple appears to be preparing a Windows version of iTunes 4, a Windows Safari isn't impossible.

Is this a Pee-Cee software assault?

Safari going golden?

Think Secret is reporting that not just is the Safari Seed Program back under way, but that the latest seed (v78) is coming close to a final version.

According to the article, Safari should be at Golden Master (GM) status in June, with a target date being just weeks before the WWDC keynote.

Also of interest is that Safari, once GM, will begin to see heavy OS integration, beginning in Panther (10.3). Think Secret claims that 10.3 will include a special "Panther-Only" version of Safari with new features that integrate it into the system.

Since Safari will be ready to go with version 1.0 months before Panther's release, Apple may very well replace Internet Explorer with the brushed metal browser as the default web app in 10.3.

Panthers and Safaris, eh? Sounds like Steve's hitting the jungle.

Oh me, oh my, oh Oprah...

Read through the plethora of news added at MacMinute today and you'll find this... interesting piece of "news."

It appears that Oprah has revealed in the latest issue of O Magazine a list of "Oprah's Favorite Things" (I'm frightened, too), and you'll never guess what made her list: The new 15 GB iPod (okay, maybe you did guess that). The kind talk show host even gave out new iPods to everyone in her audience yesterday.

Even a free iPod can't get me to sit through an Oprah taping...

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Apple legal strikes back?

The BusinessWeek article "Will This Be the Summer of Mac?" which reported earlier today that IBM was producing a 64-bit processor for Apple has been edited with the following statement:

IBM did not confirm it was building a chip specifically for Apple, but it does say its new PowerPC chip will work on Apple platforms.

While the article never mentioned the much rumored PowerPC 970 processor, its no "leap of faith" to assume that's what it was referring to.

Such a sudden and subtle correction surrounding an announcement as major as the 970 suggests that the notorious Apple Legal Department is at work here.

Apple Legal wildly forcing corrections? Let the crazy speculation begin!

The Summer of Mac
Big Blue breaking the news?

It appears that IBM has actually blown its own cover regarding the much-anticipated PowerPC 970 to BusinessWeek, with an article entitled "Will This Be the Summer of Mac?" dishing the dirt.

Apparently, IBM let slip that they're actually developing a 64-bit chip for Apple. While the actual name "PowerPC 970" isn't mentioned - neither is the chip's reported ancestor, the POWER4 - and no IBM execs (hell, not even the mailroom guy) are quoted. But the article does have this juicy tidbit to share:

That's not even counting an anticipated initial speed boost in the new chip's clock cycle to well over 1.8 Ghz -- and likely well beyond that over the course of the year.

The Summer of Mac, eh? Sounds good to me...

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Happy "New Music Tuesday!"

Apple is showing signs of making New Music Tuesday a weekly affair, sending out an email newsletter for today's new releases.


Sunday, May 18, 2003

TAM, cubed...

Macwhispers has dragged up an admittedly very unconfirmed, but very interesting, rumor regarding Apple's plans to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Macintosh.

According to an unverified tip received at Macwhispers, Apple is preparing something with a body similar to that of the famous G4 Cube for the twenty-year milestone Mac.

It was Steve's favorite design...

Making a case for the 970 Powerbook...

One hot debate that's emerged as of late (no rhyme intended) is whether Apple will simultaneously introduce PowerPC 970-based Powermacs and Powerbooks.

If you glace over at the Rumor Watch column, you'll see that I'm on board with Powerbook 970 idea. Here are my reasons why.

1. We've been waiting months for Apple to release a successor to the 15" TiBook, what we believe to be a 15.4" Aluminum Powerbook. The current TiBook lacks many pieces of technology - like AirPort Extreme and FireWire 800 - that are being introduced on almost every other Apple machine (FireWire 800 being a slight exception).

Why are we waiting so long for this Powerbook? The WWDC keynote is just over a month away, and I think we'll see it there.

2. As much as we've all grown to love the G4, Apple's showing signs of a real desire to drop the aging processor ASAP. While we all adore Altivec (a.k.a. the "Velocity Engine") - which the 970 apparently utilizes - it's becoming obvious that people just don't buy the whole "Megahertz Myth" thing.

Apple thinks a push away from the G4 is a push in the right direction, and I'm inclined to agree.

3. Not just does the G4 carry a battered image, but it also is reaching its maximum possible speeds. With the entry-level 970 reportedly zipping along at 1.4 GHz, moving from top-end G4s to low-end 970s would give the Powerbook line a much-needed speed bump (and then some).

4. Not just is the 970 faster than the G4, some reports indicate that the 1.4 GHz 970 uses less power than the 1 GHz G4. This could provide Powerbooks with increased battery life. It could also be a step towards solving the pesky "burn your palm" problem caused by the machine's overall heat generation.

5. While some people are quick to point out that the G4 was introduced in a desktop machine long before it reached portables, the G4 wasn't a major transition. Apple's last major processor transition was to the G3, which saw almost simultaneous release in desktop and portable lines.

It's safe to assume that the 970 - which will be Apple's first 64-bit processor - would warrant a major transition.

6. The iBook. We all love the iBook. It's a great little laptop. But there's potential in the iBook that simply isn't being utilized by Apple. The reason: The iBook can't get better until the Powerbook gets better. This is where things get messy, with conflicting GOBI and "Mojave" rumors running about. What matters is this: The iBook is due for a revision, not a speed bump, but a big ol' revision adding support for AirPort extreme and tossing in a faster processor (and probably a redesign).

The iBook can't move forward before the Powerbook. Even the iBook's most recent update was only a very minor speed bump.

A half dozen reasons for the Powerbook 970. Whoop-dee-doo.

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