Saturday, May 17, 2003

Aloha Apple!

MacMinute has a great first-person account of Apple's biggest retail opening since SoHo: Apple Store Ala Moana.

Apparently over 1000 people wound up turning out for the big event, and the picture gallery is more than worth a look.

The Apple invasion moves across the ocean.

A one-sided browser brawl...

With the recent release of v74, Safari is quickly becoming the Mac OS X web browser. The latest update fixed that little teensy-weensy SSL problem that could sorta blow the security protocols, and it added support for online banking.

But now it's time for a little trip down memory lane. Remember Chimera?... Alright, I'm being a bit too nostalgic, I'll stop. ...Anyway, few people have had reason to use the browser now known as Camino since Apple officially added tabbed browsing to Safari in v73.

Now the Mozilla project has something new to offer: Firebird (formerly known as Phoenix). I took it for a two second test spin and can officially say that Firebird doesn't even meet up to Camino, let alone Safari v74.

So I guess the real question is why I bothered posting this at all. Well, let's just say it was a slow rumor week.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Sounds good...

Watching "The West Wing" season finale on NBC is paying off tonight, with one of the new Apple Music commercials airing around 8:25 CDT.

Also of note, Apple has announced that in its first 16 days, the iTunes Music Store has had 2,000,000 song downloads. Not bad for roughly 3 percent of the market share.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

970 shuffle...

LoopRumors reported today that two big shipments of PowerPC 970s have been sent to Taiwanese parts manufacturer Foxconn.

The site claimed that 20,000 1.4 GHz and 40,000 1.6 GHz processors had already arrived and that another shipment of 40,000 1.8 GHz are expected tomorrow. They also went on to say that IBM will be shipping 2 GHz 970s to Foxconn within a month, and that 2.3 and 2.5 GHz processors would arrive there by year's end.

Sure, that sounds dandy. Here's the problem...
Whether you like him and his site or not, Jack Campbell over at Macwhispers has gone on record as saying this in response to the LoopRumors post:

Foxconn is not manufacturing either the new 970 PowerBook or the 970 PowerMac. There have actually been zero PPC 970 chips delivered to Foxconn.

Shame on LoopRumors.

While many question Macwhispers rumor accuracy, they still have several predictions that have yet to prove or disprove themselves, and it should also be noted that LoopRumors has an equally bad, or worse, record.

In fact, Jack Campbell should be extra-reliable in this scenario because his entire rumor-gathering operation revolves around making small talk with Apple's manufacturers.

LoopRumors has yet to respond to the statement from Jack Campbell/Macwhispers, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

Somebody call As the Apple Turns, it looks like we've got a bit of drama brewing here!

Monday, May 12, 2003

Summer of the GOBI?

With G3 "GOBI" rumors picking up even more steam, I've tossed a GOBI iBook on to the Rumor Watch column.

Considering the fact that Apple's now participating in two major trade shows early this summer (in case you missed it, Apple's booked an hour presentation into IDG's New York expo), there are two opportunities - one in June and one in July - for an iBook announcement/release.

The basic idea would be that Apple would announce PowerPC 970-based Powermacs and Powerbooks at the WWDC keynote. With Powerbooks running on 970s, updated iBooks would no longer pose a (more) serious threat to Powerbook sales. With that in mind, Apple can then announce GOBI iBooks at either WWDC (but then again, how many "One more things" can Steve have?), or during their subdued New York presentation (or just randomly between the two). I wouldn't be surprised to see a WWDC announcement, considering this the Year of the Laptop and all.

Details on such a nice new iBook are virtually nonexistent, but a hardware redesign is expected (let's face it, the whole "giant white chiclet" thing is getting kinda old). Such a redesign may actually be necessary for the unit, considering the alterations required for a new processor and AirPort Extreme.

Sure, the GOBI is no 970, but its name is much more fun to say.

Name game...

Here's something to consider:
With a Stevenote promising PowerPC 970 Macs just over a month away, one has to wonder what Apple will name the new processor.

The G [fill in the blank with a number] scheme has only applied to mostly Motorolan processors (although IBM does produce some G3s and is reportedly working on the G3 GOBI), and the G4 in particular has been associated with desktop machines more than lagging in clock speed (but not necessarily performance, of course).

So, the question is will we see the Powermac G5, or will Apple adopt a new naming system? I personally like the idea of just calling it the Powermac 970 (and the Powerbook 970), but maybe Apple has something more creative up its product naming sleeve.

One thing's for sure. If the new processor's name has an i, e, or x in it, I'll scream.