Saturday, April 19, 2003

Happy Easter (and a slightly belated Happy Passover to Jewish readers)!

I'm off to see family and such for the holiday tomorrow, so MacUnderground will be on a short hiatus. Very short. Regular posts will probably resume on Monday. If you need something to do in the meantime, why don't you go see "A Mighty Wind," it's a great movie.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Speaking of Powermacs...

Macwhispers, which has been reporting and speculating on a Powermac 970 redesign for a while now, has made a major step forward in Powermac rumors.

Today, the sight revealed that information suggests that the front of the new Powermac will be made out of Powerbook-style anodized aluminum. The rest of the machine will be primarily plastic, as before, but will feature this interesting new front.

A move like this would push the tower's design back to the very sleek "Quicksilver" look, which was possibly the best tower design ever (with exception to the G4 Cube, of course). Macwhispers actually says that their manufacturing source claims the look is actually sleeker than that of the current or even Quicksilver towers.

Macwhispers goes on to mention that various things they've heard suggest that this new tower will be "hugely different from the tower design we've been enjoying since 1999." A radical design change wouldn't be surprising, and many people hope that such a change would move Firewire and USB ports to the front of the machine.

In the end, the real pressing question (wow, the second real question of the day) is: "Will I be able to power my wind tunnel with the new tower's fan?"

without further delay:
Speculating the obvious over and over and over...

LoopRumors is once again on the receiving end of my excess anger today, with yet another freakishly obvious and pointless report coming from the site.

This time, they've decided to "inform" us that Apple might just change the case design of the Powermac. No way! They only do that, like, constantly! According to LoopRumors, Apple will release a redesigned tower featuring the PowerPC 970 processor at some point over a three month period this summer.

My problem is quite simple, what they said is incredibly vague and incredibly obvious. They might as well have come out and said: "Apple will release a new iBook this year." Yes, we know that. Just like we know that Apple will redesign Powermac this year. The Powermac is always being redesigned. We've had Blue and White, Graphite and White, Cube, Quicksilver, and Mirrored Drive Doors Powermacs. That's five designs over four years, number six is just around the corner.

It's not that I'm upset because LoopRumors reported something so obvious, I'm upset because that's all they did. Speculate! Come on, you're a rumormonger, act like one.


LoopRumors is now reporting that Apple may release iTunes 4 with the new music service on its way later this month.

It's been my opinion since rumors of Apple's music service, which should be released April 28, were confirmed that the service would be integrated into a new version of iTunes. It would be the release of iTunes 4.

It's a matter of common sense, here. Apple likes to keep the iApps closely integrated and easy to use. Making the music service a separate app would go against these sort of iPrinciples. And, we mustn't forget that iTunes was the only iLife iApp not updated at MWSF, although at that point iTunes 3 was still relatively new.

With that settled (at least for now), the real serious question becomes: "What musical note will Apple use in the iTunes 4 icon?!"

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Misadventures in the Wintellian world...

As you may have noticed, the post entitled "Speculating the obvious over and over and over..." is just a title, with no text below it. You can thank the good folks a Microsoft for that!
I attempted to post that blurb using a PC today. What a mistake that was! I can't even edit or delete the post, so I figure it might as well joint the archives as a tribute to one of the many, many reasons I use Macs.

Speculating the obvious over and over and over...

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

The "Interns" will be so relieved!

Many of the holdouts of Apple's recently revised reseller contract have caved under pressure and finally signed on. As a result, Dell is now selling iPods again (Dude...).


Apple posted a 4 cent-per-share profit for the second quarter today. As expected, no product announcements were made during the 4:00 CDT conference call, although questions were asked about Apple's upcoming music service. Unsurprisingly, Apple had no comment on such "rumors."

Overall, Apple had a $14 million dollar profit, with 40% of their shipped machines being laptops. Perhaps Steve Jobs vision of 50% of shipped Macs being portables isn't so crazy...

Universal Chaos...

In a very uncharacteristic move, Steve Jobs himself has released a statement from Apple stating:

"Apple has never made any offer to invest in or acquire a major music company. The press statements this morning attributed to Vivendi board member Claude Bebear are untrue, as Mr. Bebear has confirmed in a later report. Beyond these comments, we will abide by Apple's policy of not commenting on rumors."

Despite this proclamation, LoopRumors is claiming that Apple will announce plans involving Vivendi Universal in the Q2 earnings conference call in just under half an hour.

Any product announcement during the conference call would be incredibly unusual, and nothing of that nature is expected. Beyond that, analysts predict Apple will announce a 2 cents-per-share profit for the company's second fiscal quarter.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Apple Legal to fight back for the Mac?

According to Frech site MacBidouille (link and english summary at Mac Rumors), Apple plans on suing Motorola some time after the relase of PowerPC 970-equipped Macs.

Apple will claim that Motorola was in violation of their contract with them when they suddenly stopped development of the G5.This apparently resulted in a substantial financial loss at Apple, in the form of millions in wasted research.
Any filing would occur after Apple bolsters its product line with 970 machines.

Monday, April 14, 2003

iBooks, taxes, stock, and more...

There's a lot to think about in terms of an Apple hardware release this week. Most obviously, tomorrow is tax day. But there's far more the consider.

First, Think Secret has reported that we'll see iBook speed bumps tomorrow, a disappointment to those (this blog author included) hoping - and still betting on - a major revision to the line.

Ah, but Think Secret's prediction doesn't go unchallenged. Macwhispers is now reporting that the plastic housing for the iBook, as well as those for the eMac, have "recently been slightly modified" and "have been shipping for assembly for about three weeks." That actually wouldn't rule out an iBook announcement tomorrow, it would just be a few more weeks before they ship.

Also to consider is Apple's stock price. Sometimes we forget Steve Jobs is actually the CEO of a Wall Street company (he also runs Apple! Sorry, couldn't resist a Pixar joke). On Wednesday, at 4:00 CDT, Apple will hold a conference call, revealing their Q2 financial results. Company stock took an 8% hit on Friday, and if earnings news isn't exactly upbeat, it could bring about some bad press.
So, if Apple wanted to distract shareholders from a slight loss or lackluster gain per share, they might announce a new product on tomorrow or Wednesday.

The long-speculated iPod revision looks to be a couple weeks off, to be released with iTunes 4/Apple Music Service. And the 15.4" Powerbook seems to be on hold still, so an iBook announcement would make the most sense this week.

Surfin' Safari!

Apple has released Safari Beta 2 today, also known as Safari v73. It's the first public release to feature tabbed browsing and AutoFill. Overall, it's a minor release, but a major step forward for Safari and independence from Microsoft.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Universal confusion...

You may have already heard about rumors that Apple is looking to buy Vivendi Universal. The speculation sent Apple's stock (AAPL) down 8%, even though some suspected that it might be a stroke of genius.

Apple's use for Universal is unknown, but Steve Jobs has been buying out small companies and integrating their technology into Apple for a while now. Last year, Apple purchased eMagic and now produces their software for the Mac.

Now Microsoft is taking a look at Universal, and Macwhispers is reporting that Apple won't buy the company, citing what they consider a very reliable source. Confusing, isn't it?