Saturday, March 29, 2003

The road to tablet town...
Part 2 and a half

While my speculation about an Apple tablet future should appear tomorrow, here's a quick update from the rumor world.

Looprumors has picked up the news from Macwhispers and Spymac, and has gone on to speculate about possible similarities to 3com's ill-fated (and rightly so) "Audrey."

Also, I stumbled upon this at the Spymac gallery. While I doubt Apple is developing anything like this, it would be very cool if they did.

The road to tablet town...
Part 2

Macwhispers, the site that initially brought somewhat concrete info on a possible tablet to the web, has yet more facts on its rumored tablet enclosure.

Here's some of the latest:
- Macwhispers has confirmed an almost completely open front face for a screen.
- Based on gathered info, they believe there's a space for a removable battery, along with an area with two rectangular ports concealed behind a door.
- A "small" rectangular through-hole on the right edge.
- (Here's the kicker) Quoting Macwhispers: "The enclosure has just now gone into actual production in 'large quantities.'"

It looks like a tablet could very well be on the horizon. Check in later for my own analysis and speculation in Part 3 of today's big news, "The road to tablet town." (Yes, I realize it's kind of annoying to break this into parts, but keep these words in mind: deal with it.)

The road to tablet town...
Part 1

Spymac is reporting, with a whole lot of confidence, that Apple is developing a consumer tablet for the home market.

This Apple tablet will reportedly feature a backlit 8.4 inch TFT touch screen display and will sport built-in AirPort Extreme. Also, a docking station with external keyboard will be available. The device will have a reported 5 hour battery life, although Spymac admits that that's a guess. I personally would expect a longer-lasting battery.

Brushed Metal Blitz...

Both LoopRumors and Mac OS Rumors report that Panther's (OS X 10.3) rumored all-brushed metal interface may be nothing more than wild speculation.

The sites claim that Panther will retain the standard Aqua look of OS X. The brushed metal evolution will apparently be in apps only, with Mail and Terminal receiving some of the initial face-lifts. So, the moral of this story: A GUI panic is... something something, etc.

Friday, March 28, 2003

Surfin' Safari...

RAILhead Design is speculating that Apple will release the next Public Safari beta "in the very near future - any day, actually." Seems like an odd thing for a design website to report, but whatever.

I actually think that we could see the next Public beta today, with a little hubbub at Apple's website. The new version would most likely feature tabs and AutoFill, both of which have been experimented with in recent seeded betas, like the most recent beta, v67. Unfortunately for people like me, Apple has ended the Safari seed program, making it that much harder to find the copy of the latest unreleased beta.

Safari v67 is actually very stable, almost as ready as v60 (the last public beta). The AutoFill feature apparently works (I haven't used it, but others have), and the tabbed browsing is feature-rich and better than that of Chimera/Camino.
The only noticeable bug is when you set the tab bar to be always in the window. The original tab's graphic stays in the "selected" state. It's a minor nuisance at best. Or would that be a "minor nuisance at worst"? Whatever, you know what I mean.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

I'll be back from my illness related hiatus tomorrow with a full update.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Full speed ahead...

Amid talk about the chances of a release of Safari v70 around Wednesday, a slew of possible Tuesday announcements, and speculation about the PowerPC 970, Apple has irked out a software update for Jaguar. Available today is the Security Update 2003-03-24.


Mac Rumors is back up and running, all signs point to 970s at WWDC, LoopRumors is taking credit for Apple's Panther talk, and Cupertino axes the Safari seed program. And it's only Monday morning.

For starters, Mac Rumors is back from a slight hiatus (Congrats on the wedding, arn!), and moving full steam ahead, pulling up real talk about:

The PowerPC 970. New speculation suggests that the 64-bit chip, which will require a 64-bit OS, will be announced at the WWDC in San Francisco this June. Apple's homepage now proclaims that the conference will feature an in-depth look at "Panther," also know as Mac OS X 10.3.
Many believe that Apple will put 64-bit processor support into Panther, making the WWDC the perfect time to announce the 970's future with Apple.

Speaking of WWDC and Panther, LoopRumors is confident that we'll see iChat 2 in the new OS. And, in their "iBall" column, the folks at LoopRumors are taking credit for Apple's announcement of the revealing of Panther at WWDC 2003. They claim that the idea comes right from their editorial suggesting Apple should announce release plans in advance. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Meanwhile, Safari is roaring ahead, it's just quieter now. Apple has discontinued a program that allowed certain people to get the latest beta early and help work out the bugs. This is same program that has allowed people like myself to download copies of unreleased Safari betas, like v62, 64, and (the latest) 67.

Talk is stirring of news from Cupertino this week, as Mac Rumors points out a series of minor hardware changes last week. Perhaps those new iPods from two months ago next Tuesday are finally on their way. Or maybe 15" AlBooks. And we can't rule out new iBooks, either (it is the year of the laptop).

Lastly, the folks at the Joy of Tech are reminding us all of a special anniversary today. Mac OS X, the biggest OS out of Apple since the ill-fated Project Copland, is two years old.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Surfs Up!

I've got a copy of Safari v67 up and running. Expect more news about the latest unreleased beta later.

Surfin' Safari!

Spymac has posted info and pictures from Safari v67, another unreleased beta.

v67 is the fourth unreleased Safari beta since the last public release, v60. Since then, Apple has added AutoFill (which appears to be in working order in v67), tabbed browsing (which has a boatload of options in v67), and additional preferences.

Many people speculated that Apple would release another "Public Beta" last week, and now we're looking to the week ahead.
Surfs up.