Friday, March 21, 2003

This just in!
Panther Strikes!

Apple's homepage is featuring details on the 2003 World Wide Developer's Conference. Here's the big news:
- It has been moved from May to late June.
- It has moved from San Jose to the Moscone Center, home of MWSF, in San Francisco.
- Mac OS X 10.3, "Panther" has moved into the spotlight, similar to the way Jaguar did at MWNY 2002.

As you know, Apple has pulled out of all summer Macworld Expos starting in 2004, and their participation in this summer's expo is still in question. This shift for the WWDC leads me to believe that Apple will not attend MWNY. At the very least, there will be no Jobsian presence at the expo. A recent Think Secret article suggested that IDG World Expo was going to change the name of MWNY, and shift its focus away from the classic Macworld design.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Yeah, right...

According to MacMinute, PC Magazine's John Dvorak, a man whose dislike for the Mac is only surpassed by the inaccuracy of his predictions about the platform, is preaching his vision of Apple's future. With Intel.

He thinks that Apple will switch to Intel processors within the next 18 months. Yeah, and my name's Nancy (it isn't). Here's what the great prophet Dvorak invisions:
- A "transition machine" featuring both an Intel and Motorola processor. That would give Mac users time to hoard all the remaining G4s...
- Mac OS X optimized for Intel's magical Intanium chip. That's the chip that produces enough heat to fry an egg and bacon, isn't it?
- An announcement of such plans at MWNY or Comdex. Two problems. First, Apple still doesn't plan on attending the summer Macworld. Second, do you know how many times Apple attends Comdex? Never.

To add further insults to his injuries, Dvorak doesn't even mention IBM's PowerPC 970! The least he could have done was try to dismiss the 64-bit chip Apple is widely expected to adopt later this year.

This is why Pee-Cee people shouldn't be permitted to speculate about the Mac. That said, it is pretty funny to have John Dvorak make a fool of himself. "Ha ha."

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

How to lose a charge in 10 days...

Apple has released the 1.2.6 update to the iPod's software. The new version sports better battery management, which the iPod has been in need of for quite a while.

The download is available here.

He did invent the internet...

Former Vice-President Al Gore is joining Apple's Board of Directors.

Great, now we've got Steve Jobs and Al Gore trying to take over the world through Apple! Not to mention Woz's Segway Invasion!

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Gone to meet the Happy Mac at the retirement home...

Today Apple discontinued the G3 iMac. The end of model, but not the end of a legacy. From Bondi to Fruit Flavors, "Elroy" to "Life Savers," - and let's not forget Blue Dalmatian ("Perigree")! - the original iMac design will go down in computing history.

Farewell, our translucent plastic encased friend. We all know you'll enjoy your retirement with Pomona, Malibu, P1, Q, and Macintosh*.

On the speculative front, Apple is obviously preparing us for the end of the G3. Although the iBook may continue to sport the Altivec-less processor through its next revision, Apple is definitely preparing for something big.
The G3 iMac is still available through Apple's education store.

* Codenames for: The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, the Macintosh Portable, the Bondi Clamshell iBook, the Newton MessagePad 2000, and the original Macintosh.

Brushed metal out of everywhere!

LoopRumors is reporting on the features of OS X 10.3, Panther, coming later this year.

What I found interesting was an all-brushed-metal GUI. Interesting, that's about all that comes to mind...

Sunday, March 16, 2003

The end of Claris?

Think Secret is reporting on a few things this weekend, including possible acquisitions by Apple, talk of changes at MWNY this summer, and a funeral for Appleworks.

That's right, according to TS there will be no Appleworks 7. "Whoo Hoo!" Instead we should see an iLife-like package called "iWorks," coming later this year. What an innovative name!

iWorks could very well be the final blow to Apple dependence on Microsoft software. The Office-like package would include Keynote, a word processor possibly named "Document," and spreadsheet and database apps. Once again, "Whoo Hoo!"

What makes this more interesting is how it strings together two other rumors, from two other sites, that come right to mind. Back in January, Macwhispers published this article reporting on an app called "Document." And, in February Spymac reported that iLife was the first in a series of app bundles.

While the Spymac post suggests that Apple would actually be stupid enough to charge for Safari, iChat, and Mail, the idea is still very in line with a possible "iWorks."

Just in case you don't know, I hate Appleworks. I've hated it since it was Claris Works all those years ago. It's a lousy office app that Apple would be very right to kill. Once Appleworks is buried, Apple will open itself up to offering better applications with more use to users. It's time to give Microsoft Office a run for its money.