Thursday, March 13, 2003


Spymac reports that long-time Apple spokesman Jeff Goldblum is now endorsing Intel.

This could explain why Apple pulled the Goldblum-narrated "Cosmos" ad from their website a few weeks after it's introduction at Macworld.

Speed gap? No way!

LoopRumors "reports" that Apple might actually be aware that the G4 is slower than Intel and AMD counterparts. No way! They know? I wonder how they found out?!

Sarcasm aside, the post has some interesting, if correct, information in it. They say that sources say changes are "well under way." That's no surprise, but they go on to say these changes should appear "Before the fall."

We have no idea if this source at LoopRumors is accurate, so we'll have to wait and see what happens. But this is still interesting...

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Mayhem on the safari for Safari...

Yes, I'm on a safari of my own to find the latest unreleased Safari Beta, v65. It's proving to be much more difficult than my previous safari for v64.

Until I can report on v65, here are my thoughts about Safari...
Okay, the last public release was v60. Since then, Apple has stuck tabs and Autofill into Safari. It's time for another public release. I'm thinking it'll be v66, and it'll be soon.
Just think about it, there was v60, v62, v64, and now, v65. No 61 or 63. While it is true that there could be other explanations for it, I'm willing to speculate that Apple planned on making the next public release v66, and didn't want to muck plan up.
From what I've heard about v65, it's stable, and almost ready for primetime. It's probably Apple's final test of the tabs and Autofill, and a last check for major bugs.

My final words: Hang in there. Apple will release a new Safari Public Beta within a week.

When I'm 65!

Mac Rumors reports that some clever folks have gotten their hands on Safari v65, the latest Safari Beta.

Reported new features:
- Autofill has been promoted from the "Debug" menu to the Edit menu, and apparently works. There's also an Autofill button in the toolbar.
- The tab bar is always shown.
- The text turns white on the tab the cursor is currently over.
- Links from apps now open in existing windows.

Please note, all of this is third hand info. I'm trying to get a copy of v65. I'm currently using v64, and the last public release (still available from was v60.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003


Just as a side note, I'm about to fall victim to my own over-speculation. There were no new product releases from Apple today, and I predicted that those pesky iPod updates would come by this Friday (I'm not desperate enough to hope for a Thursday announcement... yet).
Oh well, maybe they'll come next Tuesday... or the following Tuesday... or the Tuesday after that...

A blogged wrath!

LoopRumors is the recipient of my excess anger today, as they've posted an incredibly obvious story, throwing in an unconfirmable, although likely, factoid. They're reporting that Apple just might run some kind of groundbreaking ad during the Superbowl next year, and it just might be to commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary of the Macintosh (gasp!)! They claim that ad agency Chait Day is already brainstorming for this all-important ad.

Really, this isn't news. Everyone expects Apple to run some awesome Superbowl ad next year. The original Macintosh was unveiled in 1984, in an ad called "1984," which some consider to be the greatest Superbowl ad ever. As for the ad planning, considering the importance of such a major Superbowl ad, it should be no surprise that Chait is already working on it.

Note: While Apple actually had a computer called the "Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh" (TAM) a few years back, that was actually the twentieth anniversary of the Apple.
Also, note: My excess anger is about equal to the amount of anger incurred arriving at a red light on the way to Cinnabon.

Brushed metal out of everywhere!

Spymac reports that the next version of the aptly-named Mail will feature a brushed-metal interface, al la Safari, iChat, iTunes, iMovie, Address Book, iPhoto...

While I know some people aren't big fans of the brushed metal look, it really helps define where the contents of the window end and window itself begins. While I think a brushed metal Finder would just be going too far, a Mail face lift would be nice.


Macwhispers has posted four rumor tidbits from Apple suppliers. There's the five foot cable with a USB and Firewire connectors on one end, and wire leads on the other. And the "larger, longer, and narrower" PowerMac motherboards.

Here are the real gems, though:
- Chi Mei Optoelectronics (the name in optoelectronics...) is working on a "very large, very high resolution" LCD for Apple. Sheesh! Isn't the cinema display big enough?
- The previously reported 5 x 7 x 1 inch white plastic enclosure that spawned wild speculation is back again. This time, the report rules out the possibility of it being a power supply or an external SuperDrive. Apparently... (isn't the suspense just killing you?), the enclosure includes an opening "that effectively includes one entire face" of it. A screen, perhaps?

I wouldn't bet the proverbial farm, though. It could still be an iCoaster for keeping those terrible water rings off your wood furniture...

Monday, March 10, 2003

Power Trip...

Mac Rumors is reporting on a MacBidouille post about IBM's PowerPC 970 and Apple. According to the rumor, Apple will present the 970 at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in May. There will even be a prototype 970 Mac at the show. On top of all this, rumors claim that a 64-bit OS X is in beta now.

MacBidouille also reports on recent 2.5 GHz 970 rumors, claiming that the speed can be reached at 0.13 microns (a good thing), but that it's a power-hungry process that generates too much heat (a bad thing).

All in all, an announcement at the WWDC featuring the 970 would be unexpected, but not unwelcome. IBM isn't yet mass-producing the processor, and older rumors suggest they wouldn't start until June. Announcing a 970 Mac before they're in production could torpedo PowerMac G4 sales, although doing so at a developer show would make sense. It's expected that Mac OS X 10.3 will be available as a 64-bit system.