Friday, February 28, 2003

MacUnderground Fun Time Trivia Tidbit!
Brought to you by this Mac Forums thread.

Ready for some fun Mac trivia? I don't know if you said yes or no, so I'll just go ahead with the question.

Why does Apple release products almost exclusively on Tuesdays?

Give up? The answer is:
The Macintosh came to be on January 24, 1984. Tuesday, January 24, 1984.

iPaperweight, anyone?

Macwhispers is reporting on a new white plastic enclosure being manufactured for Apple. It measures 5x7x1 inch. For perspective, the iPod (5 and 10 GB models) is 4 inches tall, 2.4 wide, and .78 deep.

Macwhispers has no idea what the enclosure will be used for. Assuming the information is accurate, we're looking at something about the size of the Newton MP2100... iWant an iNewton!

Rest in peace...

Five years ago yesterday, Apple discontinued the Newton.
My eMate is weeping somber tears at this sad anniversary.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

iShot the Sheriff...

Spymac has clarified its talk of an iShot digital camera from Apple. The fictional product was mentioned on a quiz for those who sell or support Apple products.

I guess some things are too good to be true...

I like the iLife!

Spymac and Page 2 at Mac Rumors feature a new blurb about the possibility of an Apple digital camera, the iShot.

While anything posted at Mac Rumors Page 2 should be taken with a grain of salt (in some cases, the whole salt shaker), it's still an interesting development, and it would be a major step forward for iPhoto and iLife.
One particularly interesting idea that came up in a forum thread recently, was an Apple camera with a real hard drive for storing pictures. Considering the massive price tag associated with flash memory, and the availability of small 10 and 20 GB hard drive from Toshiba, this isn't such a far fetched idea.

One thing to note, Apple produced a line of digital still cameras back in the 90s. They were gone before the iMac was released, meeting the same fate as the Newton. It seems that the QuickTake 100, 150, and 200 were ahead of their time...


Mac Rumors is reporting about those tricky iPod revisions, with little new information regarding the hardware. The interesting story, is the possibility of an mp3 downloading service from Apple.

Mac Rumors admits that the info is unreliable, but it did make the front page...
If it is true, mp3s would cost 99 cents each. Not a bad price, considering a CD with ten songs can cost 25 bucks.

The GHz myth?

Mac Rumors has posted new information from IBM on the upcoming PowerPC 970. The most intesting new feature, initial clock speeds of 1.8 to 2.5 GHz. The original estimate was 1.4 to 1.8 GHz.

The 970, which is still waiting to be released, is expected to make its way into the Powermac line later this year. The processor would be the first 64-bit design in an Apple machine. Intel has boasted its own 64-bit development for years, although evidence shows that they won't release anything in the near future.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

The end, and beginning, of wild speculation...

Recently launched rumormonger Macwhispers is leaving the rumor business.
Jack Campbell, the site's author, will be retooling the site for less rumor based content. This, of course, has sparked rumors that Apple's notorious legal department has struck again. I'll be watching to see how Macwhispers changes...

Monday, February 24, 2003

Leave the designing to us!

Jack Campbell of Macwhispers has typed up his opinion of the state of industrial design in the PC and consumer electronics world. It's well thought out, and when you finish you can't help but wonder what's wrong with the PC companies (maybe the Dell Dude got his drugs from Dell's design unit...).

So, I figure this is an appropriate time to say "Bravo!" to Jonathan Ive and his industrial design staff. Keep the cool stuff coming.

Everybody's on board!

iPod updates are expected tomorrow. Really.

Don't believe me? Maybe you believe Mac Rumors, LoopRumors, or Think Secret. All have reported on possible iPod releases, although none as daring as Macwhispers, which has committed itself to predictions of iPod updates tomorrow.

Here's the general expectations for the update:
- 5 GB iPod discontinued (Toshiba quit making the hard drives for it)
- 10 GB iPod unchanged, now $299
- 20 GB iPod slims down to 10 GB size, now $399
- 40 GB iPod introduced at $499, should be as big as current 20 GB

As for rumors of more radical changes, Think Secret claims that something very radical is down the road.
Also of interest, Apple has offered through email a "special deal" for those who purchase a 10 GB iPod before March 14. It's my firm belief that this implies updates before the 14th.
And yes, tomorrow looks promising, although I was saying that a week ago, too.

What? No cake?

Steve Jobs turns 48 today.
Happy Birthday, Steve! Now where's my iNewton?!

Tabbed Safari?

Think Secret reports that Safari Beta .62, which is not yet available for download, will feature tabbed browsing.
The article features pictures of the brushed metal tabs in action, and of the hidden "Debug" menu where tabbed browsing and form AutoComplete are available for activation.

The lack of tabbed browsing didn't keep me, and many others from switching to Safari, but many have been demanding the feature from Apple since day one of the Public Beta. Think Secret says that the form AutoComplete feature is still in its infancy, and that the tabbed browsing doesn't support the ability to bookmark of multiple tabs, yet.

With tabbed browsing and AutoComplete on their way, the only major feature still missing from Safari (that comes to mind now, at least) is a password Keychain.