Saturday, February 22, 2003

Let there be Nine!

Mac Rumors has posted an english translation of MacBidouille instructions on how to boot the newest Powermacs into OS 9.
This may very well be a blow to Steve Job's OS X assimilation plans, but at least it's more successful than Woz's Segway Invasion...

Friday, February 21, 2003

Turn down the power...

Spymac is reporting that the 17" Powerbook won't ship until sometime between mid to late March and early April. While Macwhispers is reporting that the release of the new 15" Powerbook has also been delayed for unknown related reasons.

The 12" Powerbook has been available for some time now.

They got the gist of it, right?

I submitted a shortened version of my iPod story to Mac Rumors yesterday, and now the blurb "iPods after March 14th?" has appeared on the site's Page 2.

The problem:
I don't believe we'll see the next iPod revision after March 14, and I don't think the speculation here even supports such a conclusion. So it's really nice that my forum username is the first word in the blurb!

Anyway, I just want to set the record straight:
It is my prediction that we will see iPod updates before March 14.

Tablet Talk

Mac Rumors has posted a well thought out article on the possibility of a tablet, and various recent rumors regarding them. It's a good read, and the corresponding forum thread promises to be good.

Rather than type up an opinion right now (it is 12 midnight, and I'd like to get some sleep), I'm going to post my thoughts straight from the Mac Forums thread on the article (my username is pyrotoaster).

Originally posted at the Mac Forums
We need to broaden our horizons a bit, here.

This tablet-device will most likely have a completely different form factor than that of Table-PCs and PDAs.

Think something along the lines of iPod meets MessagePad 2000/2100.
Bigger than a PDA, with a real hard drive, but smaller than a tablet-PC. Some people refer to the Newton as the first PDA, others call it the first tablet. In actuality, it was a bit of both (although the MP100s were very PDA-ish compared to the MP2x00s and the eMate).
One of the coolest features of the later Newton devices was the ability to switch the screen from vertical to horizontal. In today's era of widescreen everything, that would be a pretty cool feature.

I also doubt that this device would run Mac OS X.
Apple would have to compromise the OS too much to make functional on a small device like this. Instead, I think we should expect an OS X-lite, perhaps with a name all its own, like the Newton OS, which many people, myself included, still think was a great system.

Also, Think Secret talked about new G3s, that have yet to materialize in anything. How much do we really know about these chips? I'm just speculating here, but what they aren't for new iBooks, but instead for a fully loaded portable device?

All I really know, is that whatever this thing is, it's the biggest thing keeping my cash away from a new iBook. The sooner the better, Apple!

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Breaking iPod News!
Go get Nancy Drew!

Apple has dropped a big clue as to the nature of the iPod's next update. I received an Apple email this evening informing me that ordering a 10 GB iPod through the Apple online store before March 14 would be rewarded with a free XtremeMac Get Connected Kit (whoop-dee-do).

Why is this important?
The deal is only good on the 10 GB iPod, which is the only model rumored to stay the same (with the exception of a minor price drop) at the line's next revision.
This suggests that the iPod line will be revised before March 14.
More importantly, this appears to confirm rumors that the next iPod revision will be minor, that the 10 GB iPod will not change in any way, shape, or form, that the 5 GB iPod will be discontinued, and that the 20 GB iPod will change somewhat (rumors have it slimming down to the size of the 10 GB model).

Rumor double negatives...

Mac Rumors Page 2 has found two very interesting reports.
- LoopRumors claims that the CRT iMac is on its last leg (it's about time!), leaving the eMac as the only CRT Mac (despite the appearance of one behind the plastic, the eMac doesn't have an LCD screen).
- A rumor in Apple's discussion forums suggests that the eMac is on its last leg.

Of course, both machines will simultaneously be discontinued and leave each other as the remaining CRT machine, while not existing for that very purpose. Perhaps this is Steve Jobs's secret weapon that will bring the planet under his total control.
Hell, anything would work better than Woz's Segway invasion (sorry, Woz!).


It's sad, but it looks like Apple won't be releasing the newest iPods this week. Thus ending weekly product announcements at three straight weeks.
New iPods could come next week, although rumors of the next 15" Powerbook have placed its release in the very near future, too.

Oh the conclusions I've seen... (jumped to)

Macwhispers has posted part two of its two part "Five Products we May See from Apple" double feature (apparently, it being two parts is a big deal). And the two products speculated upon left me saying: "What!?"

First, the one thing that does make sense, bluetooth keyboard and mouse. No big surprise there. Although when? is still, and perhaps always will be, up in question.

Like I said before, there were two items of the three mentioned in the article... which consisted of two items... of which there were three... Anyway, two predictions that left me perplexed:
- An Octo-processor Mac
Eight processors? That's not unrealistic, it's insane! You think the MDD Powermac is noisy, wait till you crank up one of these babies!
- A tablet
Steve Jobs himself has said that the tablet may fail to find a market. Why would he build one then?

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Waiting to exhale...

Still no new iPods, although I wouldn't rule tomorrow out for the release. Apple announced the Xserve updates on a Monday, and we did have a long weekend.
Honestly, I just want to see Apple introduce one new product ever week in February. Now that would be a record.

'Pod Watch

Once again, it's time to be on Apple Product Release Alert, with a good possibility of an iPod revision today. If you haven't been keeping up to date with today's iPod rumors, you can check some of the most recent posts for the latest predictions.

Monday, February 17, 2003


Talk is growing about the likelihood of iPod revisions tomorrow.
Spymac is reporting that Apple could release the updated 15" Powerbook as early as next week, confirming suspicions about this week's Apple announcement.

While there's been quite a bit of talk about iPods with who-knows-what bells and whistles, most sites are sticking to a plain hard drive upgrade, coupled with $100 price adjustments.
Talk is stirring about the possibility of some digital device in the near future (later this year) really making some innovations to the world of small gizmos. Macwhispers is prompting speculation everywhere, by posting their raw rumor facts (oxymoron, yes), and as mentioned yesterday, Think Secret thinks that there's a radical new device on its way.

No matter what the case is, tomorrow's just a day away...

No news is good news?

Maybe not, but it does appear that we will not see updated iPods today. It's 8:30 on the west coast now, and it's getting kinda late for a product announcement.
I'm betting on the marbles on a release tomorrow (Tuesday does seem to be a favorite day for that sort of stuff).


While a release date for the next iPod revision is still speculation, this week looks promising (and would continue Apple's unprecedented weekly product roll-outs), and I'll try to keep an eye on the rumor sites throughout the day.

The most likely release would be:
- A three model line: 10, 20, and 40 GB (Toshiba no longer manufactures the 5 GB drive Apple has used in the past for the iPod)
- Prices of $299, $399, and $499, respectively
- 20 GB model slimmer (like 10 GB)
- 40 GB model should be the size of the current 20 GB one
- Same form factor as before
- No FireWire 800 (it isn't even on the new iMacs)
- No Bluetooth (besides, who wants to transfer 8,000 mp3's at 1 mbps?)

That's my prediction, and I'm sticking to it.

Salivating over the imaginary...

Mac Rumors, Macwhispers, and Looprumors have all weighed in regarding the upcoming iPods (some better than others), now it's Think Secret's turn. The fairly accurate site is reporting two things: the obvious, and the intriguing.

The obvious: Apple will release a three model iPod line some time in the near future with 10, 20, and 40 GB models consistent with the design of the current iPods. As for the timing, Think Secret admits that a release could come as early as today or tomorrow, but may be a week or so down the road. Seeing as there's nothing pointing to new Powerbooks this week, I'm inclined to agree with a release in the next couple of days.

The intrigue: Apple isn't changing the iPod's form factor, yet. Think Secret reports that later this year, Apple will unveil a radically new successor to the iPod, "incorporating a feature set significantly different from today's" models.

iNewton, anyone?

Sunday, February 16, 2003

One wild 'Pod

Mac Rumors is reporting a "very unlikely" (yes, they used bold letters) rumor about this week's suspected iPod revisions.

The idea behind the rumor is that the bottom of the iPod line will see major price drops, while the top of the line sees a totally new 'Pod. This dream machine would feature FireWire 800 (not totally impossible), a color touch screen, games, an iCal organizer, Address Book, Mail app, and a cappuccino maker (okay, I made that last one up).

The general response to this rumor is something along the lines of "Yeah, right!," followed directly by "that said, I'd buy it!" And yes, that's exactly my opinion, too.

Wishing for the iNewton...

Here's an interesting nostalgic factoid: Apple still owns the domain name
When you go there, you find yourself at the Apple homepage, but here's the interesting part. If you go to to the Switch, Quicktime, or Mac OS X tabs, the url keeps, adding /quicktime or /macosx. It continues until you hit a page that redirects you (which is why the Store, .Mac, and Support tabs don't work).

It doesn't really mean anything, but interesting nonetheless.