Saturday, February 15, 2003

Stating the obvious is hard work!

LoopRumors has finally gotten around to mentioning the imminent iPod updates, and does so with such lack of information or opinion, that it has many saying "Duh!" Just check out this MacForums thread.
The LoopRumors blurb fails to mention the demise of the 5 GB iPod or the introduction of a 40 GB one (Toshiba, who makes the iPod's hard drives, has quit production of the 5 GB drive used by Apple. They've also started production of slimmer 20 GB drives and new 40 GB ones).
But they do tell us when we'll see the new 'Pods: "Very Soon."
Whew! I'm glad they didn't overwhelm me by speculating a possible release week, or even (thank goodness) a possible day.
Seriously, new iPods may very well arrive next week, although there's also a lot of buzz around the release of new 15.4" Powerbooks.
Any release next week would be the fourth straight week featuring a product announcement.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Apple has release Mac OS X 10.2.4 via a Software Update download.

PyroToaster Update

My icons, widgets, and etc. website has been updated with a simple aqua interface, a teaser for my next icon set (which I'll be entering in Pixelpalooza 2003), and two iTunes widgets for Konfabulator users. Check it all out here.

A legacy of Squiver

For GUI fans enamored by both Uncommonplace's Squiver icon series (which was popular enough to win the Pixelpalooza 2001 People's Choice Award) and the new application Konfabulator (I fall into this category), there's reason to celebrate today. David Catmull, the man behind Squiver, has released a Konfabulator "widget." A very cool Squiver Clock. I've already downloaded it.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

They aren't that greedy!

Spymac is claiming that Apple will be releasing more "iLife"-like packages in the near future. While that might not come as a surprise, the reported contents of such a package are.
The report says that iChat, Mail, and Safari will be bundled together for $29.95. One word comes to mind: "No!" Apple can't (although, technically, yes they can) charge for these. People can go right ahead and use free apps instead, like Adium and Chimera Navigator!
Apple isn't stupid, this is obvious, and it should be to the folks at Spymac, too. I honestly don't care how reliable your source is, he's making a fool of you now.

"One small step for Safari..."

Apple has posted an update to the Safari Beta, version .60, in the OS X section of their site. Nothing big, but it shows that Safari is moving forward.
I personally, use Safari for over an hour a day, and I've yet to run into a site that sent me clicking the bug button. The real wait now is for the final version...

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Rumor, no rumor

As you might know, there's a lot of buzz about possible iPod revisions coming today, and I'll be keeping an eye on Apple's website throughout the day. I was much more confident that we'd see this release today before Apple announced the new Xserve and Xserve RAID yesterday. We'll just have to wait and see on this.

Meanwhile, Macwhispers is reporting that there is not a new Digital Lifestyle Device, or DLD, in the works at Apple. They cite "a complete absence of component or manufacturing-level activity toward such a product anywhere in Apple's supply chain."
I've got to disagree with that, it's far more likely that Apple either hasn't begun manufacturing yet, or is just doing a bang up job keeping the whole thing under wraps.

Really, I'm just waiting for the iNewton... (one can dream, can't he?)

Monday, February 10, 2003

PyroToaster Update

If you've downloaded Konfabulator, head over to my other web site, PyroToaster, and download the Blue iTunes Remote. It's the iTunes remote included in Konfabulator, skinned aqua blue.


I've been having some fun with Konfabulator, and I've already developed a new skin for the iTunes remote included with the download. It really is easy!
The skin will be available at PyroToaster when it's ready.


According to this MacMinute blurb, Dell Dude Benjamin Curtis has been arrested for drug possession.
How will Mike Dell break the sad news to the Dell Interns?!

Holy Simoleans!

The Xserve is bigger and better than ever before as of today. Apple has revised the line with speeds up to 1.33 GHz, and a new Xserve RAID model with over 2.5 TB of space, and a $6000 price tag.

The headline on Apple's homepage says it all:
"We mean business."


For those who do, and those who don't, know what Konfabulator is, it's available for download today.
Konfabulator is "whatever you want it to be," or more specifically, an app based on "widgets," sort of mini-apps written in Java Script. The idea is to make developing a widget to do whatever you want it to do extremely easy (although I assume you need to know something about Java Script). And if you can't write your own widget, you could always just "skin" an existing one in Photoshop.

I only learned about Konfabulator yesterday, in the forum hub-bub surrounding the impending release, and I've downloaded version 1.0 already (and I'm guessing many other people have as well, because the Konfabulator website is slow as molasses). It's shareware, so you can take it for a test spin before shelling out the $25 registration (or not, although I'm quite inclined to do so). One of the nicer features of the overall app, no dock icon, but instead, a contextual menu bar menu (oh so Jaguar-y...).

Included with the download are some good starter widgets:
- Two clocks, analog and digital.
- A very cool battery meter (too bad I don't use a laptop!)
- An iTunes remote (which caused Classic to start for some reason...)
- A weather gizmo (26 degrees and cloudy, it must be February)
- A simple calendar
- A to do list (I particularly like this, as I never have the energy to boot up iCal to use its to do list)
- A picture frame that scrolls through your iPhoto library
- A beautiful aqua AirPort signal monitor (a little unnecessary, yes)
- A stock ticker (Apple and Pixar are both down)
Six third-party widgets are already available from the Konfabulator site (including a cool little puzzle game).

All in all, this could be an app that just might change the Mac OS.
As for me, I think I'm going to go pick up a book on Java Script.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

New this week?

Macwhispers has posted a list of possible releases from Apple this week.

On the "Very Likely" list are:
- 10, 20, and 40 GB iPods
- 15.4" Powerbook

I agree with the iPod prediction 100 percent. Besides, how long can Apple expect us to believe that they don't have 5 GB models because of a larger than expected holiday demand? I think this Tuesday is a likely release date for this new iPod revision.
I don't agree with the Powerbook prediction, however. I'm sure we'll see these revised portables soon, but not this week.

MacUnderground, now AirPort Extreme Powered!

That's right, I'm now connecting to the internet via the backwards-compatibility of AirPort Extreme.
If you've never set up an AirPort network, it's surprisingly easy (then again, what else would you expect from Apple?).