Saturday, February 01, 2003

If only every Mac had a SuperDrive...

iDVD 3 is excellent! I've only been tinkering with it for a bit now, but it makes me glad I shelled out the cash for a SuperDrive. The iLife integration lets you import preview movies and pictures while selecting your own menu soundtrack. You can even make a slide show for pictures that just didn't make it to the "Ken Burns Effect."
The bad news is that I finally have to install that firmware update that keeps my SuperDrive from becoming an in-computer hot plate...

AirPort Extremely out of stock

I went out to the Oakbrook Apple Retail Store today in search of three things.
1. iLife (I'll have iDVD 3 installed soon)
2. ThinkFree Office (no way I'm paying $500 to Microsoft!)
3. AirPort Extreme
I came home with two of those.
That's right, the employees at the Apple Store admitted that they had received a shipment of AE Base Stations, but had already sold out completely.
Woe is wireless...

Friday, January 31, 2003

First impressions are everything...
Using iMovie 3

I've been toying with iMovie 3.0.1 for about 45 minutes now, and here's what I've noticed.
- Audio is so freakin' easy! Editing the in-clip volume, adding iTunes tracks, putting in new sound effects... This really is great!
- More transitions, of note are the clip-to-white (and visa versa) Wash In and Wash Out.
- More visual effects, of note are Electricity and Earthquake.
- Marking Chapters for iDVD is as easy as making a new Playlist in iTunes.
I haven't yet had a reason to import a photo and use the "Ken Burns Effect," but I did look at the photo interface, and it looks very nice.

Being a trend-setter is hard work...

Think Secret has hopped on the February 4 bandwagon for iMac (and eMac, according to their article) revisions.
MacUnderground first predicted the February 4 release date last Friday.

MacUnderground iLife Update
I'm downloading iMovie and iPhoto now (I plan on buying iDVD this weekend), but with over 100 MB of data, it could be a while before I get either up and running. I'm also going to have to take out some extra time and finally download Quicktime 6.1.
My only impressions of iLife so far, come from about ten minutes using a 12" AlBook at an Apple Retail Store. I really liked what had been done with iMovie, and look forward to re-editing a few home movies.

Get an iLife!

iLife is available today! iMovie 3.0.1 and iPhoto 2 are both available through Software Update and from the Apple website (iMovie, iPhoto). The installers are 84.5 MB and 33.3 MB, respectively.

Get an iLife!

iLife is now available online, at Apple's website, and should also be available at Apple Retail Stores nationwide today.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

You heard it here first!

Mac Rumors is now reporting that they expect new iMacs on Tuesday, February 4. You might remember that I first speculated on a February 4 release last Friday.
I also wouldn't be surprised if we saw price drops on all models, as the expensive LCD screens are obviously cheaper now.

Year of the Switch

The latest issue of AdWeek features the 2002 awards for best creative TV ads. One of this year's honorees, Apple's iMac ad (you know, the one with the guy who sticks his tongue out and the iMac that sticks out its CD tray). And what's better than receiving an award for a great commercial? How about the only award for the best campaign!
That's right, the Switcher Campaign received top honors this year. And yes, Ellen Feiss's picture is now in AdWeek.
Congratulations to Apple and Chiat\Day!

Praise for Keynote

The Forbes website has an article comparing PowerPoint to Keynote, and while they say that the applications essencially do the same thing, they praise Keynote for Apple's trademark ease of use and elegance. The article also praises Keynote's ability to "flawlessly" import existing Exel and PowerPoint documents.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

It caught us by surprise

Mac Rumors has posted a "Winners and Losers" for today's Powermac and 20" Display release.
It was generally thought that there would be an iMac revision before a Powermac one, so many rumor sites (including yours truly) had yet to weigh in on the topic.
Display rumors had been flying for quite a while, but almost no one could foresee the $1500 price drop on the 23" model.

I'm still predicting the iLife release for this Friday (which is the consensus in the rumor community right now), and iMac revisions for one week from today, Tuesday the fourth.

I have a theory of my own about how today's developments will affect the imminent iMac revisions, which I'll get around to posting either tomorrow or Thursday.

By the way, Macwhispers has posted a great report comparing the prices of the 20" and 23" Apple Displays with those of similar LCDs made by other companies. It looks like for the first time in recent history, Apple has a high-end desktop component priced to kill the competition. Go Apple!

Power it up, Steve-o!
Apple Releases new Powermacs and a 20" LCD

Powermac G4 processor speeds now reach Dual 1.42 GHz, and that's not all that's new. Head over to and have a look.
Some of the more impressive features:
- Fast System Bus
- Lots of L3 DDR Cache
- Airport Extreme
- Firewire 800

Along with the new 20" LCD, the wonderful 23" Display is now priced at a generous $1999. The 20" price? A surprisingly low $1299.
Three cheers for Apple!

Monday, January 27, 2003

Get an iLife, this Friday!

Directly after my prediction of Friday or Saturday for the iLife release, I stumble upon this. It appears iLife will be released on Friday.

The iLife mystery

More and more iLife speculation, which goes hand-in-hand with 10.2.4 and iMac speculation.
LoopRumors reports today that iLife has been delayed because the software requires 10.2.4, but it doesn't.
I was at an Apple Retail Store yesterday, and they had a 12" AlBook running iLife (I looked at iPhoto 2 and iMovie 3, both looked very nice, the application integration was very apparent in the re-vamped iMovie), including iDVD 3(it was a Superdrive Model). I checked the "About..." and discovered that the machine was running 10.2.3.

Official MacUnderground Release Predictions:
iLife: Friday or Saturday
iMac Revisions: Tuesday, February 4

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Apple's "Big and Small" commercial aired at 10:45 CST during Alias on ABC.

The big and small game

The Hartford Courant claims that the "Big and Small" Powerbook ad will run during the Superbowl, later today. This is unusual, as Apple is actually listed as a company not running a Superbowl ad.