Monday, December 15, 2003

That's a quarter of a tenth of a billion!

While there's all sorts of Apple-related news flying about today, it looks like the biggest news comes from the iTMS. On Friday the online store sold its 25 millionth song ("Let it Snow!" by Mr. Sinatra).

Think that's impressive? Well, Apple's also announced that they've sold over $1 million in gift certificates and allowances since those features were added back in October.

And think that's impressive? Well, AdAge has also named Apple "Marketer of the Year", not for great advertising (though they do admit Apple had some of the best ads of the year), but because "incredible levels of brand loyalty and... an army of evangelist users" fueled by the company's focus on the consumer.

And if you weren't impressed by the marketing stuff (which is actually really impressive) but really liked all that music-related awe, then read on with (sing along kiddies!) "Think that's impressive?!" Well, TechNewsWorld is reporting that iTunes is still the number one music download service. Not impressive enough? Well, consider the fact that boasted that they would overtake Apple by selling one million songs a day when they launched in July. Now BuyMusic's CEO is quoted as saying "We're not achieving that at all. I've spoken with my competitors, and we're nowhere near [Apple's] numbers."

Now admit it. You're pretty impressed.
Let's just say it's a good day to be a Mac user.


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