Tuesday, December 23, 2003

It's like a rainbow...

I'm back from a great weekend in Las Vegas, and it's time to catch up with the latest rumors.

The big news today is Think Secret's new report, predicting mini-iPods, iLife and Final Cut Express updates, and long-overdue updated Xserves. Also, Apple's Emagic products should see updates, too.

What's missing? Think Secret claims that there will be no CPU upgrades in desktop or laptop machines.

But the big news is further confirmation, and more details on, these new iPods. The latest rumors have these at 2 GB and 4 GB, with a base price of (brace yourself) about $100 (holy mother of Jobs!). And yes, there's more confirmation on the "color" rumors. Think Secret even claims that the entire iPod line will see case colors.

We knew the day would come. It's the return of rainbow color Apple products.

More rumors are still flooding in. Mac Rumors still claims that a new iLife app might be in the works (which would fit with the iLife upgrade), and AppleInsider still claims that the Powermac line will see speed bumps (it looks like AI and TS are in a bit of a rumor showdown here).

I'll have more posts later today, along with a long, long overdue Rumor Watch update (with all the latest MWSF rumors). And regular posting will continue right though the holidays.


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