Monday, December 29, 2003

It's like a rainbow...

Mac Rumors is providing even more confirmation on the latest mini-iPod MWSF rumors.

According to this latest report, the new iPods will actually be physically smaller than the current models, making them "mini" in size, storage capacity, and price. Current pricing information is still vague, but Mac Rumors describes it as "significantly less than current models." Storage sizes are still rumored to be 2 and 4 GB.

But that's where things get a bit confusing. The hard drives in the current iPods are some of the smallest (in physical size) on the market, with smaller ones costing more money. Of course, there's flash storage technology, but 2 GB flash drives cost upwards of $300 (the price of a new 10 GB iPod).

Simply put, either Apple's revolutionized solid-state storage with a cheap flash solution, or they've found new, smaller, and cheaper hard drives. While both seem rather amazing, the second is a bit more likely (though the first would be truly amazing). Hard drives as small (in storage capacity) as 2 GB and 4 GB would almost definitely have to be specially produced for Apple. There aren't really any 2 GB external hard drives on the market these days, so for all we know the low storage capacity might allow for these drives to be very small in physical size.

And Apple could always free up some space by cutting down on other parts of the iPod. The current models are so small because they have a slightly smaller battery (eight hours instead of ten) than the older ones. Maybe the trade off for a super-cheap, super-small iPod is a six-hour battery... (that's speculation more than anything else, though).

What we know for sure is that January 6's Stevenote is going to bring mini-iPods, with 2 and 4 GB capacities, colors, and smaller physical size than the current models.

Yes, it's a return to funky-colors for Apple...


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