Thursday, December 18, 2003

Catching up...

So here's a funny little story. I was sitting by a computer trying to put together a post covering three software updates in two days from Apple, but I couldn't really think of anything worthwhile.

Then Apple released about a half dozen more updates.

Yes, it's the...
Holiday Software Update Bonus Extravaganza!
It's still not that interesting, so can you blame me for trying to make it entertaining?

Anyway, updates are now out for Final Cut Pro, Live Type, DVD Studio Pro, XCode (though apparently that one's been pulled), iTunes, Quicktime, Java, Panther, and a nifty "Battery Update" for us Powerbook and iBook owners. And that's just in the past few days, before that Apple also released Remote Desktop, Powermac G5, and Pro Runtime updates.

In fact, I was bombarded with seven updates in my own software update this evening (and I don't use FPC, XCode, DVD Studio Pro, or Panther). Of course, I still had to install some old Bluetooth update thingy (not that I own any Bluetooth devices) along with two old Security Updates, so I'm not the best example there.

But, speaking of iTunes (I mentioned it up there somewhere), version 4.2 (both Mac and PC) makes another leap forward for the iTMS with new AOL integration. I don't like AOL, but that doesn't change the fact that a whole lot of people use it and that means a whole lot more people exposed to iTunes (can I be blamed for wanting eWorld X?). And now the Music Store can be opened in its own window (that's actually finally full-sized!). I guess that's a less impressive leap.

And, speaking of the latest MacWorld news (alright, I didn't mention that anywhere, but that doesn't matter), we've got official confirmation: Steve Jobs will be delivering the MWSF Keynote on Tuesday Jan. 6 at 9:00 PST. Sure, we just assumed he would, but confirmation is good, too. No news on any broadcasts, but I'm guessing we'll at least see satellite broadcasts to various Apple Stores (like at the WWDC). A webcast seems less likely, though still possible.

Finishing with some site news, I'm off on MacUnderground's Christmas Vegas Vacation tomorrow. I don't expect to be posting again until Tuesday (possibly late on Monday, depending on whether or not my flight makes it back on time). Hopefully nothing particularly interesting will happen while I'm gone ("This just in: Apple releases iNewton along with a suite of Office Applications, and a G5 Cube. In other news: Hell frozen over, Satan blames flying pigs").

Happy Holidays! I'll be back next week.


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