Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Return of the 5 Gig 'Pod?!

According to an unverified Mac Rumors Page 2 report, Apple has plans to release (or rather, rerelease) a 5 GB iPod as a low-cost model. The release could come as soon as Friday's music event.

You might remember that the 5 GB iPod wasn't officially discontinued until Apple introduced third generation iPods in the spring, but they were out of stock after the last holiday season. Apparently, Apple was somewhat forced to drop the 5 gig model because Toshiba stopped making the 5 GB drive the iPod used.

Adding to the speculation is the fact that Steve Jobs recently mentioned he'd love to make a super-cheap iPod available. Not to mention the fact that Apple's holiday campaign this year seems to basically be "BUY AND iPOD! BUY AN iPOD! BUY AN iPO-O-ODDD!!!"

Hmmm... could a $199 5 GB iPod be in the cards? Sounds possible.


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