Friday, November 14, 2003

One count of reckless endangerment

According to this ZDNet UK article, Microsoft's (yes, that Microsoft) Chief Technology Officer, David Vaskevitch, said at a conference of IT directors and developers that he loves his Blackberry and his iPod. And, as if that's not already hilarious enough, he didn't even mention whether or not he bothers using a PocketPC, which can get email and play multimedia.

In a related story, David Vaskevitch has gone missing. Police have no leads.

Okay, so that related story is completely made up, but don't you think it's just a little dangerous to tell a whole bunch of important IT people that you'd rather use products made by companies that aren't Microsoft? Apparently Vaskevitch doesn't have to worry about Microsoft heavy-weight (and I do mean that literally) Steve Ballmer. As the CTO, he reports straight to Billy Gates.

Vaskevitch's main point was that people often want one device to do one thing (that's insane!). The Blackberry gets his email, the iPod plays his music, and he also mentioned carrying a digital camera for pictures. A PocketPC can do all of these things, but it doesn't do a single one of them well (of course, he didn't say that, but it's true). Vaskevitch went on to prove his point with a slightly strange car vs. airplane analogy. You want the car to go to work, but the plane to go to London (well yeah, but that doesn't really relate to a Blackberry... unless Microsoft is working on some kind of car-plane idea...).

The article actually ends by mentioning that many of the employees at Microsoft's HQ don't use PocketPCs, either. And yet Dell wants me to buy an Axiom just because the docking cradle lights up when I put the Axiom in it (for shame)...

By the way, let's hope Microsoft isn't developing anything that's large and moves at high speeds, let alone anything that flies. We don't need some virus sending all of our Dell Inflyacars into tailspins.


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