Monday, November 03, 2003

Man, they whine like John Rizzo...

Apparently (thanks to Mac Rumors for reporting this), MusicMatch is just a little bitter about iTunes for Windows. Prior to iTunes's release, MusicMatch was the default PC iPod jukebox.

So rather than fighting back with advertising or by producing a better application (not that they'd succeed there), MusicMatch is hoping to scare iPod owners with lies and deception (whoo!). The company has sent out emails with such helpful advice as "DO NOT install iTunes for Window on your PC". Okay, I took that slightly out of context. The quote continues: "if you are using Musicmatch Jukebox and wish to continue using Musicmatch Jukebox with your iPod." Still, it's an obvious scare tactic.

While iTunes does take over iPod syncing once installed, it doesn't actually do anything else to the MusicMatch application. Really a more important question would be: Who's going to use MusicMatch instead of iTunes for their iPod?

And yes, I'll stop harassing John Rizzo now.


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