Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Just like a Barbara Walters interview!

CNet's got all the dirty details of Steve Jobs comments in a recent meeting with financial analysts (sounds sexy, doesn't it?). Topics range from Intel to the iPod, and the necessary cheap shots at Microsoft and Longhorn (quoting Steve Jobs: "They're hoping to be in 2006 where we were with Jaguar.").

One of the most interesting topics was the long, long rumored "Apple on Intel" possibility (looks like it's more of a "lack thereof"). Jobs actually claimed that Panther could be easily ported to any processor architecture, but that Apple has no intention of leaving IBM and the PowerPC family. As Steve put it: "We have all the options in the world, but the PowerPC road map looks very strong."

Meanwhile, Steve tackled the possibility of a Mac version does-everything-on-the-freaking-planet-(though it doesn't really do any of them well)-PC, which Microsoft likes to call Windows XP Media Center Edition. Jobs said Apple might as well make a Mac with an integrated toaster, with Phil Schiller adding "We can do an up-sell for bagels" (to which everyone in the room replied "What's Phil Schiller doing here?").

The point Steve - and Phil - was trying to make was that he'd rather have something specifically designed to record his TV shows (TiVo, for example), than have a computer that might lose quality or half a show because the processor was too bogged down with other stuff. Said Jobs: "When I want to record 'The West Wing,' I want to make damn sure it records 'The West Wing'" (and did anyone else notice an iPod/iTunes ad during tonight's 'West Wing'?).

Finally, Steve went on a musical defensive (with Phil Schiller on the piano and Jonathan Ive on the sax) regarding the iPod's lack of non-iTMS music store support. This generally stems from Apple's decision not to support WMA (with good reason, it's a mediocre proprietary compression that Microsoft profits off of), which most other online music stores currently use (many PC users are praising Apple for using AAC in iTMS). Steve's response to the compatibility questions: "Why should we work with another music store when we are working with the Microsoft of music stores?"

Yes, Steve Jobs just called iTunes the "Microsoft of music stores." Oh, he meant that in a good way? Ah, that makes much more sense.


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