Thursday, November 20, 2003

A jingle bell rock...

Apple is now officially announcing next Friday's Apple Store event. It's music related and looks like it'll be much more casual than previous store events (like the Panther shindig, etc.).

The holiday event (that's the third time I've said "event" - make that four times) will run all day at all Apple Retail Stores. According to Apple, "A few special surprises" are in store for us, but so far only 10 percent discounts have been speculated. Last year, Apple's day-after-Thanksgiving event (five times) featured surprise Apple-branded stuff for sale (clocks, pens, and the like). Something like that might be on its way this year, though that's mostly speculative right now.

This just seems to follow Apple's "BUY AN iPOD FOR A CHRISTMAS PRESENT RIGHT NOW!" mantra this holiday season. With iPod/iTunes commercials running during some of the highest-rated shows on TV, and popping up, it looks like Apple's really trying to hook people in with the iPod this year.


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