Wednesday, November 12, 2003

It's all about the G5

From Powermacs, to Xserves, to iMacs and Cubes, all the way to IBM's Blade Servers. Today's news is all about the one thing they've all got in common: the G5.

I'll go more in-depth later tonight, but here are the basic rumors.
1. First, AppleInsider is reporting that Apple and IBM are preparing to churn out new Powermac G5s in January. A 2 GHz processor may only be seen in the base model (and it'll be a single proc machine, at that), while the top end Dual Processor machine sports a pair of 2.5 GHz G5s. This would follow Apple's publicly announced plans to be at 3 GHz sometime next year.

2. The next rumor also comes from AppleInsider (from the same report, too). It seems Apple and IBM are also prepping G5s for new iMacs. The same new iMacs rumored to be announced in January and rumored to somehow be Cubes. Actually, this supports the iMac Cube theory, suggesting that Apple plans to turn the iMac slightly more prosumer, while leaving the eMac in the bottom-level consumer slot.

3. Third, Mac Rumors has posted a new Page 2 rumor claiming that Apple is planning a Music Event at Apple Stores after Thanksgiving. While this report isn't particularly reliable, Apple did have an in-store even the day after Thanksgiving last year (though it wasn't music related).

4. Lastly, Think Secret and Mac Rumors are reporting that IBM has released details on their latest Blade Linux servers. Of interest is the fact that these new machines will be equipped with PowerPC 970 processors (the "G5"). The 970s in the new servers run at 1.6 GHz (but they cram 28 of them into a 7U server space).

Like I said, it's all about the G5 today (well, except that Apple Store thing, but I wasn't really counting that anyway).


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