Monday, November 03, 2003

Does he even know what he's talking about?!

CNet has just put together a less than favorable review of Mac OS X Panther. While it's far from scathing, it's still not particularly kind. While reviewer John Rizzo is obviously entitled to give Panther a "fair" rating, I just can't help but get just a little pissed when I read his reasons.

For instance, Rizzo insists that we should all mourn the loss of the "Favorites" folder. I have yet to meet someone who actually used the Favorites folder, and I haven't seen its departure mentioned even momentarily in any forums since Panther's release. Favorites was really quite useless. Panther's sidebar is far more useful, especially when combined with the newly revamped save panes.

Another one of Rizzo's fantastic arguments: Tabs have been replaced with "buttons". Oooh! While the "buttons" (I'll stick to calling them tabs from here forward, since that's what they are) have caused some issues with a few apps (like Camino), developers were fully prepared for the change. Not just is this an extremely petty thing for Rizzo to bring up, but it's also pointless. Most users (myself included) like this new, sleeker aqua. It's much smoother, with fewer pinstripes (you really don't realize how annoying all those pinstripes are until you finally get an OS that tones them down).

Anyway, I suggest you read the review yourself and see just how Apple-savvy Rizzo isn't. I'll post more on this later (alas, study hall is over in just 60 seconds).

The Favorites folder?! Who used the Favorites folder!? (Actually, if you did use the Favorites folder a lot, feel free to email me about it)


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