Thursday, October 16, 2003

Pigs fly...

And "Hell froze over" today with the release of iTunes for Windows.

Here's a round up:
- iTunes for Windows and iTunes 4.1 for Mac
- "Second Generation" iTMS which supports allowances and gift certificates
- According to Apple, iTunes is the nubmer one music downloading service in the world (impressive, considering the fact that it wasn't on Windows until today)
- New business deals with (5,000 audio books on the iTMS), AOL (iTMS links throughout AOL's music section), and Pepsi (100 million song give away coming in February, with a Superbowl ad lauching the promotion)
- iPod peripherals (codeveloped with Belkin) for recording voice ($49) and uploading pictures from flash memory cards ($99)
- New iPod software features a music trivia game (ooohh...)

Sounds good to me.


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