Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Of course, more on the weird iBook thing...

Here's some more details on these unexpected new iBooks (see "Whoa. iBooks?!", below).

- G4 processors across the board
- One 12" model, with two 14" models
- Clock speeds at 800 MHz (12"), 933 MHz (14"), and 1 GHz (14", and yes, that's Powerbook speed).
- Here's the catch: 256K L2 Cache (the 12" Powerbook has 512)
- DDR RAM, but it maxes out at 640 (not even close to the 12" Powerbook's 1.25 GB)
- AirPort extreme ready, but Bluetooth isn't built-in
- All three models have slot-loading Combo Drives (that means all new Macs ship with CD burners built-in now)
- Hard drives start at 30 GB (12") and go to 40 and 60 GB (14")
- USB 2.0 and FireWire 400 on all models
- The new 'books will ship with Panther installed

Prices on the new iBooks start at $1099 (the sub-$1000 notebook is no more) for the 12", and go up to $1299 and $1499 for the 14" models. Still cheaper than the 12" Powerbook, but just barely.

Yes, when you take a look at the specs, it becomes quite obvious that these new iBooks are good, but Apple's made sure they're not Powerbook good. And that's fine by me (I just paid $1399 for a new Powerbook).

And it does appear that rumors of a hip new look, along with rumors of a GOBI G3 processor, aren't true. While I'm sure the iBook will get a new look in a future revision, I doubt Apple will move "backwards" to the G3. It seems that the G4 will soon be the new G3, once the iMac and Powerbooks move to the G5 (in all fairness, that move for the Powerbooks is probably at least a year away).


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