Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Jump ship?

MacMinute is reporting that some Windows users are starting to find OS X more appealing.

The story, which originated at Microsoft Watch, is that more than a few folks have become a bit disgruntled by Microsoft's recent announcement of yet another delay in the development of "Longhorn" (which is M$'s next major Windows update. You know, the one with the really wimpy codename).

These folks seem attracted by Apple's steady release of major OS X updates (at a rate of about one per year), with Panther's upcoming release just making things look even better. Of course, the last two major OS updates have each cost 130 clams, but they've generally been worth it (I've been using the Panther beta, and it seems pretty darn good. Of course, I'm paying just $20 with the OS X up-to-date program).

And then there's the fact that there hasn't been a Mac virus since the last ice age (yet Apple still insists that .Mac's virus protection is super important). Of course, that might change if Apple ever hits that double-digit market share. Or it might not, since we don't really know if the lack of viruses is only due to a lack of Mac-virus developers, or if it's a combonation of that and strong security in the OS.

Anyway: More switchers = More gooder.


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