Wednesday, October 01, 2003

The iPod: Now paper-thin!

This AppleInsider rumor (rumor! strictly a rumor!) claims Apple might move from the standard headphone jack in the iPod to a proprietary plug, only compatible with Apple headphones (with a "normal" connection on the wired remote. Although my wired remote broke about a month after I bought it because I got cherry soda on it).

Now, before you panic and stock up on earbuds with the "normal" plugs, you should hear the reason. Apparently it's because Apple actually wants to make the iPod thinner. Because thinner than a deck of cards just isn't thin enough, dammit!

Yes, this is definitely a rumor, but it brings up a good question. How thin is too thin (if it can be too thin)? I think Apple should look into making the iPod smaller before making it thinner. They're already freakishly thin (in a good way, though), so why not take some time to focus on cutting down the overall size?

And yes, cherry soda actually shorts out an iPod remote.


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