Friday, October 03, 2003


AppleInsider is reporting that Apple is preparing a major overhaul of the iBook line in time for the holiday season.

These should include some impressive new specs and an enclosure redesign (could "white" portables go the way of Titanium ones?!). (Yes, they could). The new release would probably just coincidentally happen sometime around the Christmas shopping season (just a coincidence, really!).

Current speculated specs could actually put the new 12" Powerbook to shame (damn! Just when I was about to buy a 12" Powerbook, too!), including the long-rumored "Gobi" G3 from IBM.

I'll have more on this tomorrow (I need some sleep. I was up late watching the Brisbane Lions - "go Lions!" - cream the Collingwood Magpies - "boo!" - in a 134 to 84 victory in the Grand Championship).
(It's Australian Rules Football).


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