Thursday, October 30, 2003

After a few slow days I'm back with new posts, and the long-awaited return of...

Inaccuracies abound!

That's right, MacOSRumors is at it again.

Today they're dishing out some of the most reasonable predictions they've pulled out of thin air in quite a while. The main focus is a report claiming that Apple is expecting huge cluster computing sales, and that they're putting together an entire staff for cluster computing.

Yeah, that sorta sounds reasonable.

Of course, it does take time to mention the totally unsubstantiated and purely speculative "Xstation" (let's face it, there's zilch out there to suggest that Apple's making a specific workstation). Really, they only say a couple new things and then mention Xgrid and the Virginia Tech "Big Mac" (now ranked third in the world).

So item one isn't that fantastic, just wait until you see item two. What could be just so absolutely unconfirmed and out there? How about "iChat 3"? MOSR claims that it will support up to 16 people in a single voice chat, and offer similar mutil-person stuff for video chats (with fewer people though, due to bandwith issues).

Okay, that's kinda plausible.

Then again, they do go on to claim that iChat 3 will be a public beta in Spring '04, with a full version release in OS 10.4. Hang on a sec! We don't even know what kind of cat Apple is going to name 10.4 after! How can we possibly be speculating about the included software in an OS that's - based the release times of Puma, Jaguar, and Panther - over a year away! That would make the iChat 3 public beta roughly six to eight months long! And iChat A/V (2.0) was only just officially released in Panther. Most apps last longer than five to six months before being replaced completely.

You've got to admit, that one's pretty crazy. But we aren't finished yet! MOSR hits on one last topic. One that's a hot topic these days. The new new iMac (the one that doesn't exist yet).

Plenty has been speculated about the next incarnation of the iMac. AppleInsider has provided quite a bit of the info, too (by the way, they've got another new report about it today). About the only semi-confirmed (in that it's not confirmed, but everyone's reporting it) thing right now is that it'll be a major revision with a new case design (seems reasonable enough). Beyond that, just about everything is a guessing game. Will it have a G5? Will it be released in January (AppleInsider claims Apple is hoping for a January release, but may have to fall back on a spring one)? What will it look like? What will... etc., etc....

Well, MOSR claims that they have the answers to several of these questions. Here we go.

According to MOSR, amongst other new features, the new iMac will include G5s up to 1.8 GHz, and they'll be released in January with a top-end model billed as a "25th Anniversary Mac". Hmmm... First off, we don't know whether or not an iMac case is even remotely capable of cooling a G5 system (in all fairness though, it's the stuff around the G5, and not necessarily the G5 itself, that requires the most extensive cooling). And then there's the fact that more reliable sources claim that Apple isn't sure it can pull together a machine be January. And, of course, there's the fact that this January will be the Macintosh's 20th anniversary, not its 25th.

Honestly, all this stuff from MOSR would be more credible if they were just right sometimes. Is that too much to ask?


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